Netwrix Product Editions

A key principle here at Netwrix is that we always provide our customers with exactly what they need at the cost they can well afford. This is why we’re distributing all our products in several editions – to allow everyone the choice of what is right for them, and make sure it fits in their budget. Most products come in two different editions: some in Freeware and Standard and some in Freeware and Enterprise editions.


Freeware edition, available for specific Netwrix products, is a perfect choice for small companies, startups and individual users, who need reliable solutions that don’t overload their budget. Our Freeware edition is not something that we’d like to use to persuade you into buying a commercial license – this is product that just works the way you need it. Freeware edition gives you core functionality that the product is built upon, so if you’re satisfied with it – use it forever and nothing else needs to be done.


Of course, there’s always a need for something bigger for a bigger company, and here comes our paid edition with more flexible management and control features. Depending on the product it may be either Standard or Enterprise edition. Netwrix products that are not integrated into Netwrix Management Console have Standard edition. Netwrix products that are integrated into Netwrix Management Console have Enterprise edition, which means that this edition brings you a special set of features that ties all Netwrix products in one large, scalable and easily manageable tool – just what you need to maintain a large-scale environment.

Both Standard and Enterprise editions come with a free, unlimited 20-day evaluation, so that you can give them a full test drive before you decide to move forward.