SQL Server Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Long-Term SQL Server Audit Trail

Maintaining a physical record of SQL Server audit trail is a challenge especially when native SQL auditing is used. Log information that is readily available must be backed up and if needed, restored. This is time consuming and prone to human error which makes this approach entirely not feasible. Add the complexities of proprietary or third-party reporting tools such as importing/exporting data or having to normalize information just to be reported on also costs time and can be error prone.

Netwrix Auditor for SQL Server alleviates these problems by storing the information using a two-tiered architecture: the first tier is a SQL repository primarily used for reporting purposes and a second flat-file based method that can be archived. Because this is included in the product, there’s no need to use another solution to facilitate reporting. This innovative storage approach provides both access and long-term capabilities at no additional cost.

For SQL compliance purposes, having a long-term storage plan is a necessity. Auditors may request information for as long as seven years or more. Netwrix Auditor addresses this with its comprehensive SQL Server auditing tool's capabilities. This feature means this is the only solution needed for automatic collection, reporting and long-term storage.

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