World’s First Software that Reads System Administrators’ Minds

Netwrix Auditor captures brain activity of system administrators via Bluetooth, predicts and alerts on their actions before they happen!

Neuroscience expert
Early adopter
Fast and easy installation, no additional hardware required
Can read minds of the unlimited number of admins
Industry's most affordable change auditing product

How it works

Netwrix Auditor captures and interprets neural signals using Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology. At the same time the product monitors when someone’s making a change and identifies which neural signal correlates to that specific change. Once the match has been found, the Netwrix Auditor will be able to detect that a user is going to make a change before he has even made it.

Why Netwrix Auditor?

Stop auditing changes that have already happened! Netwrix Auditor detects the changes before someone actually makes them!


Is it safe?
It is generally safe, however, since it's a new technology, it's recommended to seek advice from your healthcare professional, because some restrictions may apply (such as people with neural disorders).
How can Bluetooth capture the brain signals?
The brain activity generates electromagnetic impulses. Applying the same method used in electroencephalography, those impulses can be captured via the short-wavelength UHF radio waves used in the Bluetooth technology. Once captured the Netwrix’s patent-pending technology transfers the data to Netwrix Auditor for analysis.
What Bluetooth versions does Netwrix Auditor support?
Bluetooth 3.0/4.0/4.1
What if some of my systems don’t have Bluetooth?
Netwrix engineers are working on enabling the same technology over wi-fi which is based on similar radio wave technology.
"The system is able to predict the actions performed by system administrators and alert on these actions before they even happen."
Brian Helwig, VP of Advanced Research, Netwrix
"By utilizing Electroencephalography we are able to record brain activity, understand patterns and determine thought processes as they are happening."
Dr. Dennis Schmidt, Ph.D Neuroscience, Bremen University
"Those guys at Netwrix really think outside the box. In fact, they’ve given me a way to read my employees minds."
Craig Wilson, CIO of Jetson, Krebbs & Thomas, LLP