How to migrate the Advanced Reporting database to another MS SQL Server instance

SQL Server database migration
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Question How do I migrate the Reporting database to another MS SQL Server instance?
On the old SQL Server instance perform the following steps:
  1.  Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the source SQL Server instance.
  2.  Select a product database and right click it.
  3.  Select Tasks - > Back Up...
  4.  In the Backup Database window, remember the path (Destination section) where this database backup will be stored.
 Then copy the database backup to server where the new SQL Server instance resides.

On the new SQL Server instance perform the following steps:
  1. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the destination SQL Server instance.
  2.  Right click Databases node and select Restore Database...
  3.  At the Source for Restore section, select the From device radio button and press the browse button (...)
  4.  In the Specify Backup window, click Add and select the file source database file (the database that was backed up) and click OK.
  5.  Specify a database name and check the Restore box under the Select the backup sets to restore caption.
  6.  Reconfigure the Advanced Reporting settings.
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