Using Distributed Files Systems with Netwrix Auditor

How to configure Netwrix Auditor for Distributed File Systems
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Question Does Netwrix Auditor support Distributed File Systems (DFS)?
Answer Yes, Netwrix Auditor supports auditing of DFS and you do not need to specify different shares in the configuration.
As with File Servers, you can configure your file shares for auditing  automatically (if you use Netwrix Auditor 8.0 and above) or manually. Refer to Netwrix Auditor Online Help Center for detailed instructions on how to configure audit settings:

While creating a Monitoring Plan (Managed Object in Netwrix Auditor 8.5 and below) for auditing DFS, make sure that:
  1. On the Add Items step, you selected Windows File Share as item type. Otherwise, the product collects changes that occurred on the target server and do not collects changes from linked DFS shares.
  2. You specified UNC path to the audited DFS file share. For example: "\\domain\dfsnamespace\" (domain-based namespace) or "\\server\dfsnamespace\" (in case of stand-alone namespace).

Note: If you enabled DFS replication for the audited file shares, refer to the following Netwrix Auditor knowledge base article for more information:  In addition, certain out of the box reports that show file/folder moves, renames and copies will only work with non-DFS Windows File Servers.  However, Add, Removes and Modifications will still be shown as part of base product functionality and change auditing.

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