Wrong notifications for Fine Grained Policy users

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Symptoms There are several Fine Grained Policy users and several domain password policy users and Fine Grained Policy users receives notifications like they are not Fine Grained Policy users.
Cause Password Expiration Notifier processes Fine Grained Users like they are not Fine Grained Policy users.
Resolution Workaround:
1. Create a separate OU for the users with the fine grained policy (e.g. FGP_Users OU)
2. Exclude the FGP_Users OU from monitoring by adding this OU to the omitoulist.txt usually located in the Password Expiration Notifier installation folder. It is a text file that allows you to define the OUs excluded from monitoring.
Please find the file description below:
# This file defines a list of OUs to exclude from processing. To specify these OUs and subOUs, just type in their names each on a new line. You may also use wildcards.
# Example: *OU=C,OU=B,OU=A* - for A\B\C

So if you create FGP_Users OU and add the following line to the file, this OU will not be monitored by NetWrix Password Expiration Notifier.
*OU= FGP_Users OU *

3. Install the product on a different server, so that you have two product installations on different servers (the one you already have and a new one). When creating a Managed Object, on the Select Managed Object Type
screen, select Organizational Unit. Proceed with the installation in accordance with the product documentation.

This instance will monitor the domain users with "fine grained policy" passwords.
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