What ports must be open to make sure that the product collects all data successfully?

ports firewall
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The following ports must be opened for communication with domain controllers:
389 TCP and UDP: LDAP
88 TCP and UDP: Kerberos
53 TCP and UDP: DNS
445 TCP and UDP: SMB
135 TCP: RPC
TCP and UDP Dynamic*: RPC
137 UDP: NetBIOS Name Resolution
138 UDP: NetBIOS Datagram Service
139 TCP: NetBIOS Session Service
67 and 2535 UDP: DHCP

The following ports must be opened for Powershell Remoting:
The default HTTP port is 5985, and the default HTTPS port is 5986.
The custom HTTP port is 80, and the custom HTTPS port is 443.

The following ports must be opened for communication with SQL Server instance:
1433 TCP: SQL

*TCP Dynamic ports 49152 through 65535, the default port range beginning with Windows Server 2008.
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