Installation of Logon Prompt Extenstion for Password Manager via command prompt

Installation of Logon Prompt Extenstion for Password Manager via command prompt command prompt. I want to install the client via batch file - can I do it?
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NetWrix Password Manager Logon Prompt Extension is an .msi package and there for can be installed via command prompt.
To install the client, use msiexec with any of its options enabled, for example:

msiexec.exe /i prm_client.msi  /quiet

NOTE.To check all available options, in command line type in msiexec /? and press ENTER.

Except default msiexec options, Logon Prompt Extension package has its own options that can be set by the command parameters:

  • PM_NOLPE – can be “true” or “false”, quotes needed. If true, only enrollment wizard is installed, but logon prompt extensions, which helps you to reset password from logon screen, is not

  • PM_URL – URL of the Password Manager server, usually it should be as follows: http://%PRMservername%/pm. If you do not specify this value, client will consider it as https://localhost/pm

  • ALLUSERS -  can be “0” or “1”, if 1 - enrollment wizard is installed for All users

  • PM_NOREBOOT=– can be “true” or “false”, quotes needed. If true, Windows XP/2003 machines will not reboot after installation   

To enable these options, add their names with the required value to the command prompt when installing the client. 

The options should be added in the following format: msiexec /i <file name>.msi <option name=%option value%> /quiet. 
Example:  msiexec.exe /i prm_client.msi ALLUSERS="1" PM_URL=https://prmserver/pm /quiet.

You can add several options separated by a space, in the following format: msiexec /i <file name>.msi <option1 name=%option1 value%> <option2 name=%option2 value%> /quiet.
Example: msiexec.exe /i prm_client.msi ALLUSERS="1" PM_NOLPE="false" PM_URL=https://prmserver/pm PM_NOREBOOT="true" /quiet.


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