How to customize an email notification template

How to customize the email notification template
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Account Lockout Examiner is able to send notificaton if a lockout occurs. There is an option to edit the notification text or title by modifying the notification template.
The template file notification_template.txt is stored in the product installation folder, the default path: C:\Program Files (x86)\NetWrix\ Account Lockout Examiner.

Notification template cosists of 4 sections:

  • the SUBJECT section contains the text reflected in the message subject
  • the BODY, WEB and REMOTE_CONTROL sections contain the text reflected in the message body
  • the BODY section contains the main text of the notification
  • the WEB section contains a link to the Help-Desk portal and related text, and is show only if a Link is enabled in Account Lockout Examiner settings.
  • the REMOTE_CONTROL section contains a text providing Remote control instructions, and is show only if Remote control is enabled in Account Lockout Examiner settings

The template can be modified in the following ways:

  • Edit any text within the template sections.

  • Add any AD attribute name. The attribute name should be in the following format %AD.[attribute]%. For example with the %AD.Displayname% attribute added into the template, the notification message will show the Display name of the locked out user account.

  • Add any internal variable name:
    %NTAccount% - shows the name of the locked out account.
    %WorkStation% - shows the name of the workstation where an account was locked out.
    %LockoutTime% - shows the lockout time.
    %Link% - shows the link to the web portal.

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