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Page default.asp. Error: Cannot create ALService Instance. Error Description Error Code Permission denied -2146828218 Cannot access helpdesk portal Cannot access admin portal
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Symptoms I get this error when trying to browse to Helpdesk or Administrative portal: 

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Cause Such error occurs when the account whose credentials is used to access the portal is not granted with appropriate security role.

NetWrix Password Manager uses role-based security model. To access the Help Desk portal, the user must be granted the Help Desk operators role. To access Administrative portal, the Administrator role is required.

Invalid authentication settings might also cause such error.

To resolve teh issue:

1.Adjust product security roles. Go to the Administrative portal - Roles and make sure that the account or corresponding security group is granted the corresppnding role.

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2. Make sure that the Anonymous authentication is NOT ENABLED for the helpdesk and admin virtual directories in the IIS manager.


To ensure the required settings are enabled in IIS6, do the following:

  1. In IIS Manager left pane, navigate to <your computer name> - Web Sites - Default Web Site - PM.
  2. Right-click the helpdesk (or admin)virtual directory under  PM folder and select Properties.
  3. In the Properties dialog, open the Directory Security tab, and select Edit for Authentication and access control.
  4. In the Authentication Methods dialog, enable either the Integrated Windows authentication box or Basic authentication (password is sent in clear text), and clear all other authentication options for Authentication access.

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To ensure the required settings are enabled in IIS7, do the following:

  1. In IIS Manager left pane, navigate to <your computer name> - Web Sites - Default Web Site - PM - helpdesk (or admin)
  2. In the Manager central pane, double-click the Authentication option under IIS block
  3. In the Authentication list, enable either Windows Authentication option or Basic Authentication, and disable all other authentication options.
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