Permission denied, error code -2146828218

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Symptoms When trying to access the Help-Desk portal, a non-admin user gets a "You do not have a Helpdesk operator permissions" message or "Permission denied" error (error code -2146828218)
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Cause This message occurs because the user whose credentials were used to enter the Helpdesk portal is not granted Help-Desk operator role in the product settings.
Resolution To grant a user access to the Help-Desk portal, add this user to the Help Desk Operators role. 

To do this, perform the following steps: 
1. In the Account Lockout Examiner console, navigate to File -> Settings and select the Security roles tab. 
2. In the Help-Desk Operators section, click the Modify button. 
3. In the dialog that opens, click the Add button and specify user(s) that you want to add to this role. 

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If the issue persists, check that Authentication options are configured properly in IIS
4. Start the IIS Manager and navigate to your Account Lockout Examiner web portal virtual directory (by default - \Default Web Site\ALE). 
5. Select this folder by left-clicking on it and look for the Authentication feature under IIS block in the central pane. Double-click on it. 
6. Make sure that "Anonymous Authentication" is disabled.

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(*) Netwrix Auditor replaces former Change Reporter products
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