Customization of Logon Prompt Extension

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Customization of NetWrix Logon Prompt Extension for Password Manager is done via registry values in the following keys:
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\[Wow6432Node]\NetWrix\Password Manager Self-service Client
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\[Wow6432Node]\Policies\NetWrix\PasswordManager 
Most of these values are not created by default installation. Values can be set manually or by means of any deployment software, which can apply .reg files (SCCM, self-written scripts, etc.)
Policies key can also be set up via Group policy by means of netwrixprm.adm administrative template, which is located in Password manager installation directory - it is described in the Administrator`s guide.
The full list of values: 
At HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\[Wow6432Node]\NetWrix\Password Manager Self-service Client 
All values are string values (REG_SZ): 
  • CompanyBrand – this value replaces NetWrix in all text of Logon Prompt Extension
  • HelpDeskPhone – this value is added at the end of all message boxes in Logon Prompt Extension and Enrollment wizard 
  • LogonCaption – this value replaces the header of the Logon Prompt Extension password reset wizard 
  • MainCaption - this value replaces the header of the Enrollment wizard. 

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At HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\[Wow6432Node]\Policies\NetWrix\PasswordManager 
String values (REG_SZ):
  • PRM_Server - URL to your Password Manager web site 
  • PRM_LogonWindowText – replaces text of LPE invite on WinXP/2003 logon screen 
  • PRM_LogonWindowButtonText – replaces text which is shown up, when you point to the button of Logon Prompt Extension on WinXP/2003 logon screen
  • PRM_LogonWindowIconPath – contain path to an .ico file, with which default icon of Logon Prompt Extension will be replaced 
  • PRM_CredProvLogonWindowText – replaces text of Logon Prompt Extension invite on WinVista/7/2008 logon screen
  • PRM_CurrentUserLanguage – this value toggles language of Logon Prompt Exrension and Enrollment wizard. Possible values specified in the table below.
  • PRM_CredentialDialogText - replaces the text in the credential prompt window of Enrollment wizard
  • PRM_CredentialDialogCaption - replaces the header in the credential prompt window of Enrollment wizard
  • LPE_AccountRemark - replaces example text under the field used to enter account name
  • Predefine_Domain – this value sets predefined domain name that will be used

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DWORD values - can be turned on (1) or off (0)

  • PRM_ResetCredentialsCache - allows the client to reset password in the local cache in disconnected mode. 
  • PRM_SuppressEnrollmentErrors – this option disables error messages
  • PRM_SuppressLaterEnrollment – this option make user unavailable to close the Enrollment wizard without passing through enroll procedure
Language values:
zhTraditional Chinese

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