Access to Administrative portal in non-domain DMZ

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Symptoms I installed Password Manager on a non-domain DMZ and cannot log to the Helpdesk or Admin portal using regular credentials.
Cause The issue occurs because users are authenticated by the front-end server. Non-domin machine has only local accounts and cannot use domain accounts.
Resolution There are two ways of using domain accounts to authenticate the Admin or Help-Desk portals installed on a non-domain DMZ:

Option 1. Configure the Password Manager Web application as follows:

  1. Configure Internet Information Services (IIS) on your back-end server.
  2. Install the Password Manager Web application on the back-end server
  3. Remove the Help-Desk and Admin portals from the front-end server.

Option 2. Create new local accounts with the same credentials on both front-end and back-end servers. The accounts must be assigned local administrators rights. Use these accounts to log on the Admin or Help-Desk portals on a non-domain DMZ. When logging on, enter user names without any domain prefix.

(*) Netwrix Auditor replaces former Change Reporter products
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