License Compliance Warning:

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Symptoms I am getting the below error:

License Compliance Warning: You are currently licensed for .. enabled computers, and the Event Log Manager is reporting ... Please contact NetWrix to obtain additional licenses and help to keep one of your organization's primary compliance-enabling tools in compliance. 

Event log collection completed successfully.
Cause Event Log Manager counts all machines it is connected to. If a machine was used earlier and is decommissioned now, it will still be counted as active.
Resolution To resolve the issue, reset the license counter.
In order to do this, re-enter the license code.
To remove this warning please re-enter license code you have. In order to do this: 
  1. Launch Management console 
  2. In the left pane navigate to Managed objects - <Your managed object> - Event Log Manager node 
  3. In the left pane right click Event Log Manager node, select About 
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  1. Click Change license and re-enter your license code.
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(*) Netwrix Auditor replaces former Change Reporter products
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