No data displayed in the change SSRS reports

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Symptoms You are getting summary emails with system changes but when you generate reports in the product there are no changes matching current filter values.
Cause This issue can happen due to several reasons, depending on the product edition - freeware or enterprise.
Resolution Depending on the product edition do the following:

1. Freeware edition.
It is does not support integrated SSRS reporting functionality, to see the difference between freeware and enterprise system editions navigate to the product version history on the Netwrix website (
For example, for Active Directory:

2. Enterprise edition.
SSRS reports can be empty for many different reasons, such as issues with uploading data to the database etc. 

To take a close look at this issue please open a support ticket on the Netwrix support portal (, describe your issue and upload diagnostic logs:
- the entire contents of the Tracing subfolder from the Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory installation directory; (for example, for the versions 7.0 - 9.5 the default path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Netwrix Auditor\Active Directory Auditing\Tracing)
- a sample summary report with the data that you expected to see in the generated report.
- a screenshot of the empty report with a clearly visible the Filters section
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