How does Inactive User Tracking work?

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Question How does Inactive User Tracking work?
Answer Note: This is only a sample of the main algorithm and not any advanced features.

1) Get date from the local machine.

2) Via LDAP a list of domain users is received from the domain.

3) First user from the list is processed.

4) Lastlogon and lastlogonTimestamp attributes are retrieved for this user from each Domain Controller.

5) If the user has never logged in then the createTimestamp attribute is used in place of Lastlogon or lastlogonTimestamp.  If the logon timestamps have values then the most up to date one is used.

6) Inactivity time is calculated using createTimestamp, Lastlogon or lastlogonTimestamp and the local machines date/time to determine number of days.

7) If a user matches the inactivity criteria you have specified then they will be added to the list of users who are to be considered inactive and acted upon according to the configuration.

8) Next user in the list is processed.
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