How to Configure User Activity to Trigger a Recording Session on Program Execution

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Question How do you configure User Activity to record when a particular program is launched?
Answer Netwrix Auditor for User Activity offers three options:

1) Record when any application is run.
2) Record when a specific application is run.
3) Record when any application is run except the ones specified.

This article addresses #2 and #3 specifically as the way in which the application names are entered is the same for both.

Note: It is required that the program has a window with a title.  For example programs executed via command line without a GUI would not apply.

There are two ways to find the application description:
  1. Launch the application you want to monitor and start Task Manager.  In the Task Manager dialog, open the Processes tab and look for the application description in the Description column.
  2. Locate the executable file for the application you want to monitor, right-click it and select Properties.  In the Properties dialog, switch to the Details tab and look for the application description in the File Description field.
Note: Although the video recording will only start when a particular application is opened it still records the entire screen.


If you wanted to configure to record each time Notepad is opened you would use Notepad as the Application Description and for the Window Title you would use something like *Notepad* as the word Notepad is always in the Window Title regardless of the name of the document opened.

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