Long-Term Archive Data Retention

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The retention settings control how long the audit data is stored in the Long-Term Archive (Audit Archive in Netwrix Auditor 6.5 and below).
By default, the retention period equals 120 months (10 years) and affects all monitoring plans.
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To review and update the Long-Term Archive retention settings:
  • Netwrix Auditor 9.0 and above—Navigate to Settings -> Long-Term Archive.
  • Netwrix Auditor 7.1 - 8.5—In Netwrix Auditor Administrator Console, navigate to AuditArchive --> Long-Term Archive.
  • Netwrix Auditor 7.0—In Netwrix Auditor Administrator Console, navigate to Settings --> Long-Term Archive.
  • Netwrix Auditor 6.5 and below—In Netwrix Auditor, navigate to Settings --> Audit Archive
If you lower retention period, on the next scheduled data collection all outdated data will be removed from the Long-Term Archive.
See Netwrix Auditor Administration Guide for more information.
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