An error occurs on the server when processing the URL

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Symptoms When a user tries to browse to Self-service portal they recieve an error message that

An error occurs on the server when processing the URL.
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Cause The message is just a user-friendly screen inidcating that something went wrong.

The most common reason is access permission issues.  For example, if some files are unable to be read from disk.

Resolution To resolve the issue please make sure that the Password Manger service account is assigned local administrator permissions on the server.

If this does not help, turn on IIS error codes to be sent to the browser and disable user-friendly error messages and review the exact error code.

To configure sending of errors to browsers:
  1. Run IIS, select the web-site Password Manager is installed to.
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  1. Select ASP feature in the central pane
  2. Expand Debugging Properties and set Send errors to browser to True
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To disable user-friendly errors in IE:

n Firefox:
  1. Open up a new tab (CTRL+T) or window (CTRL+N).
  2. Type in de addressbar: about:config.
  3. In the filterbar type: error and press enter.
  4. Now set the value of the ‘browser.xul.error_pages.enabled‘ to ‘true‘.
  5. Restart Firefox.
Chrome automatically maintains friendly errors, and disables them for error message bigger that 512 bytes in size.  It is recommended to use IE to view the error code.
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