DMZ installation: Server.CreateObject failed

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Symptoms Administrative and Helpdesk portal return the Server.CreateObject failed
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meanwhile Self-Service portal does not work at all
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Cause Server.CreateObject failed means that there is no Netwrix Password manager Service registered on the server where the frontend tries to connect to, or the service is not running.
Resolution First of all make sure that DCOM settings on the frontend server are configured correctly to point to the backend server as follows
  1. Navigate to Start à Run and execute the dcomcnfg.exe command to run Component Services.
  2. In the Component Services snap-in navigate to Console Root à Component Services à Computers à My Computer à DCOM Config.
  3. Right-click NetWrix Password Manager and select Properties.
  4. Go to the Location tab and disable the Run application on this computer checkbox.
  5. Then enable the Run application on the following computer option, and enter the Netbios or FQDN name or IP address of the back-end server you have installed.
  6. Then click OK.
NOTE. Try reapplying the settings if they are in place.
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Also please make sure that the Password manager service is running on the backend server. Refer to the KB1551 
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