What has been fixed in Netwrix Auditor 5.0.97

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Netwrix Auditor 5.0.97 contains fixes of the following issues:
Issue IDIssue Description
Active Directory Auditing
Netwrix Auditor may hang up when collecting or processing audit data.
8067If a modified Active Directory object contains the ' symbol as part of its name, the corresponding configuration snapshot will not be updated.
8071It takes Netwrix Auditor a long time to process events "4740: A user account was locked out".
8926It takes Netwrix Auditor a long time to import a configuration snapshot into the audit database on a SQL Server.
9234Netwrix Auditor fails to deliver daily Active Directory and Group Policy email Change Summaries when omitting errors through the omitreporterrors.txt file is configured.
9240It takes Netwrix Auditor a long time to collect Administrator Audit Logging events from the audited Exchange organization.
9461Netwrix Auditor fails to delete temporary snapshot and timestamp files from the %Temp% folder.
Some changes are reported with the "system" value in the "Who Changed" field.
10611Email Change Summaries may contain duplicate entries for the same change.
11367Email Change Summaries may contain network errors that do not affect the integrity of collected audit data.
12391Some Active Directory changes are displayed in daily email Change Summaries, but are not saved into the SQL database.
Event Log Management
26215Netwrix Auditor writes the "Default" value in the Event Log field in the SQL reporting database, instead of the actual log name (Security, Application, System, etc.)
25745Netwrix Auditor fails to process Event log backups stored in a non-default location (the default directory is %SystemRoot%\system32\winevt\Logs\)
7585Netwrix Auditor cannot process syslog events that contain the "#" symbol.
9426Netwrix Auditor returns false warnings about event log overwrites that did not occur.
Inactive User Tracking
20285Netwrix Auditor fails to send admin notifications on users' inactivity to multiple recipients.
22663Netwrix Auditor fails to move an account to the specified OU.
23296Poor performance (the product fails to process domains/OUs with a large number of users).
23296Netwrix Auditor fails to process accounts information if the queried DC is highly loaded.
6651If the MemoryPageSize registry key is set to a value different from zero, Netwrix Auditor fails to collect data on inactive accounts.
40566Netwrix Auditor does not always correctly process the last logon time in environments with a large number of domain controllers. 
Password Expiration Alerting
8195The Password Expiration Alerting feature of Netwrix Auditor fails if a managed organizational unit contains the "/" symbol as part of its name.
12206The Password Expiration Alerting feature of Netwrix Auditor fails to save SMS notification settings.
SQL Server Auditing
30099Netwrix Auditor fails to inform users about database content audit errors on non-English Windows versions.
28194If the schema of an audited SQL Server is very large (i.e. contains a great number of tables, columns, etc.), Netwrix Auditor returns the OutOfMemory error on audit data collection. 
8163If connection to an audited SQL Server is lost, or it is disconnected during audit data collection, Netwrix Auditor returns fake Add/Remove events in audit reports and Change Summaries.
9632If backup events are excluded from the Netwrix Auditor reports on SQL Server changes, the product fails to write audit data to the reporting SQL database.
12762If the Database Content Audit option is selected, Netwrix Auditor by default enables database content audit on all databases stored on the audited SQL Server.
User Activity Video Recording
12258No support for user profiles stored in a different volume from the Netwrix Auditor agent repository where files with audit data are stored.
VMware Auditing
12931If the time zone on the audited vCenter server was different from UTC, audit data on changes may be incomplete.
Windows Server Auditing
5574Netwrix Auditor fails when collecting audit data from DNS servers with a large number of resource records.
9426Netwrix Auditor returns false warnings about event log overwrites that did not occur.
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