Error saving current VMware Virtual Center snapshot: Permission to perform this operation was denied

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Symptoms Collections fail with the following error:
Cause There are not enough permissions for the Connect As account specified in the product configuration to read the Managed Object Browser of the Virtual Center Server or ESX(i) host specified.
Resolution The Connect As account must have at least Read-only access at the datacenter level if monitoring a VC or at the host level if monitoring only a host.

1) To assign this permissions right click the proper node of the vSphere hierarchy and select Add Permission.

2) On the right hand side of the Add Permissions window you will have a list of Assigned Roles.  Select the Read-Only role.

3) On the left hand side you will see Users and Groups.  Click the Add button.

4) Type in the account name that you would like to give Read-Only permissions and hit Okay.
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