Windows authentication doesn`t work - HTTP error 401

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Symptoms I configured Admin and Helpdesk portal per the KB1486 to use Windows authentication, however I keep getting HTTP error 401.

If I switch to Basic, everything works fine, but I don`t want to use Basic authentication.
Cause Windows authentication in IIS depends on the providers it uses. If providers are configured incorrectly, Windows authentication won`t work.
Resolution Make sure Providers for Windows authentication are configured correctly.
  1. launch IIS manager
  2. Navigate to admin virtual directory (by default it is %Server name% - Sites - Default Web Site - PM - admin)
  3. Go to Authentication configuration
  4. Select (highlight) Windows authentication
  5. In the right pane click Providers
  6. NTLM should be present. Add if needed.
  7. Click OK to apply changes
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