Netwrix Auditor System Health Log - Event ID 1050 / 1250

This article applies to Netwrix Auditor 6.0 and above. It explains the nature of the Event ID and provides resolution.
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Symptoms Depending on your Netwrix Auditor version, the Netwrix Auditor System Health Log contains the following EventID
Netwrix Auditor 9.0 and above: 1250
Netwrix Auditor 8.5 and below: 1050

"Web application <URL> cannot be found." 
Cause An invalid web application URL was specified during monitoring plan creation.
Resolution Do the following, depending on your Netwrix Auditor version:
Netwrix Auditor 9.0 and aboveNetwrix Auditor 8.5 and below
  1. Navigate to Monitoring Plans --> Your SharePoint monitoring plan --> Item --> Edit Item.
  2. Go to Changes and select Specific SharePoint objects and verify SharePoint object URL.
  1. In Netwrix Auditor Administrator Console (Netwrix Auditor console in Netwrix Auditor 6.5 and below), navigate to Managed Objects --> <Managed_Object_name> --> SharePoint and click Configure Options.  
  2. Click Specify next to Specified SharePoint objects and verify the web application URL.
Check that this web application has not been deleted from the audited SharePoint farm.
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