Error: 0x80040E37 Invalid object name 'Netwrix_ImportDB.dbo.vw_AIIADA'

Error: 0x80040E37 Invalid object name 'Netwrix_ImportDB.dbo.vw_AIIADA' is received when attempting to perform a search using the Netwrix Auditor Client.
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Symptoms When using the Netwrix Auditor Client to run Searches the search fails with the following:

User-added image
Cause During install/upgrade to version 7.1 of Netwrix Auditor, this database view (Netwrix_ImportDB.dbo.vw_AllADA ) is supposed to be created.  In the case where this error is encountered, the Netwrix_ImportDB database was not created.  The search looks for this database but is not able to find it which halts the search.
Resolution To fix this issue the ImportDB should be created which can be accomplished with the following steps:

1) Open the Netwrix Auditor Administrator Console

2) Expand Audit Archive and then click Investigations

User-added image

3) Click Modify on the Investigations screen in the right hand pane

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4) On the Modify SQL Server Settings Screen that pops up click OK

User-added image

5) On the next screen click OK to create the ImportDB

User-added image

Note: Step #5 will not be successful if the account specified in the Netwrix Auditor SQL Server Settings (see screenshot above) does not have Create DB permissions in SQL.  Please consult Microsoft documentation for instructions on how to give an account this permission for the version of Microsoft SQL that is being used.
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