Maximizing Visibility of Your IT Infrastructure

Netwrix Auditor platform maximizes visibility of IT infrastructure changes and data access by providing actionable audit data about who changed what, when and where and who has access to what. Netwrix Auditor helps prevent security breaches caused by insider attacks, pass audits and minimize compliance costs or just keep tabs on what privileged users are doing in the environment and why.

Netwrix Auditor platform enables auditing of the broadest variety of IT systems, including Active Directory, Exchange, File Servers, SharePoint, SQL Server, VMware, Windows Server and others. It also supports privileged user activity monitoring in all other systems, even if they do not produce any logs, via user activity video recording with the ability to search and replay.

Our Company

Netwrix Corporation is the IT auditing company, providing software that maximizes visibility into who changed what, when, where and who has access to what. Over 6,000 customers worldwide rely on Netwrix to audit IT infrastructure changes and data access, prepare reports required for passing compliance audits and increase the efficiency of IT operations. Founded in 2006, Netwrix has more than 70 industry awards and named to the Inc. 5000 list and Deloitte Technology Fast 500.

Our Difference

  • The only vendor that exclusively focuses on IT auditing.
  • Single platform maximizing visibility across the broadest variety of audited systems.
  • Truly integrated as opposed to multiple hard-to-integrate standalone tools from other vendors.
  • Agentless or lightweight, non-intrusive agent-based modes of operation.
  • Definite information about every change or data access without any noise.
  • Cost-effective two-tiered storage (file-based + SQL database) holding consolidated audit data for more than 10 years.
  • First-class US-based customer support with 97% customer satisfaction.
  • Easy to install and configure, no professional services are required.

Our Partnerships

Netwrix Corporation has partnered with a number of industry-leading organizations in an effort to provide the best quality products. Through constant collaboration with strategic partners such as Microsoft and VMware, Netwrix is able to continually enhance its solutions, service, and support for a growing customer base.

Our Customers

Netwrix prides itself on the fact that it provides top-quality change auditing solutions to thousands of organizations around the world. Each customer served by Netwrix is as valuable as the next and each individual need is given as much attention as the rest.