Our Company

Spice IT

Netwrix Corporation's core competency is in change auditing of critical systems across the entire IT infrastructure. With the broadest platform coverage available in the industry, innovative technology and strategic roadmap aiming to support different platforms, devices and applications, Netwrix offers award-winning auditing solutions and superior customer service at affordable prices. Founded in 2006, Netwrix has evolved as #1 for change auditing as evidenced by thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. The company is headquartered in Irvine, CA, with regional offices in New Jersey, Ohio, Georgia and the UK. Netwrix is ranked No. 73 on the Inc. 5000 list of the Top 100 Software Companies and an overall 831 on the Inc. 5000 list of America's Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2013.

Our Solutions

Change auditing is the essential process of maintaining every organization's security, governance and compliance requirements. Organizations need to keep track of changes to their IT environments and regularly assess current system configuration to detect security violations, troubleshoot issues, prevent downtimes and maintain continuous compliance with security standards and industry regulations. Netwrix meets these needs with simple, efficient and affordable solutions that do not require invasive deployments or extensive maintenance efforts, that impact critical IT infrastructure and are expensive in terms of both time and money.

Netwrix solution provides change and "state-in-time" auditing for critical platforms and applications, including Active Directory, Group Policy, Exchange, file servers, storage appliances (e.g. EMC and NetApp), VMware, Windows Server, SQL Server, SharePoint, and others and help to adhere to increasing security and compliance demands.

Our Freeware Force Multiplier

Netwrix offers freeware tools, with zero time restraints. While the freeware tools do not offer all the features and benefits available in the full-featured products, they do provide IT professionals in tens of thousands of organizations around the world with zero-cost implementations, real results, and impressive cost savings. Because of widespread exposure of Netwrix freeware, the extensive feedback from freeware users helps to drive forward the entire line of products and benefit both freeware users and enterprise customers.

Our Partnerships

Netwrix Corporation has partnered with a number of industry-leading organizations in an effort to provide the best quality products. Through constant collaboration with strategic partners such as Microsoft and VMware, Netwrix is able to continually enhance its solutions, service, and support for a growing customer base. As a member of Microsoft Partner Network, for example, Netwrix has access to Microsoft-exclusive content, latest products and technologies, and development support to assure seamless product integration and compatibility.

Our Customers

Netwrix prides itself on the fact that it provides top-quality change auditing solutions to thousands of organizations around the world. Each customer served by Netwrix is as valuable as the next and each individual need is given as much attention as the rest. The impressive list of customers includes many well-known brands from various industries and many customer success stories explain why so many customers chose Netwrix.

Our Difference

  • Netwrix is strategically positioned to continue being #1 for change auditing, which is the core competency. All resources are focused on replicating what Netwrix is already doing better than any other vendor in the IT industry.
  • Netwrix provides simple, efficient and affordable, problem-focused solutions that deliver value and ensure immediate ROI, helping to save resources, reduce costs and protect IT investments.
  • Netwrix is a truly feedback-driven, customer-centric organization, where every single customer opinion is heard and affects the technology roadmaps. Customer feedback is regularly analyzed on all levels, including senior management.
  • Netwrix customer service team is tightly integrated with the R&D (development team) to ensure 99.9% issue resolution rate.
  • Each Netwrix sales person is backed by 3 support representatives and 6 software developers on all levels. The goal is to provide real solutions that work, not just software licenses.
  • More than 50 percent of Netwrix budget goes to R&D, significantly more than the industry average. That means more customer dollars return in the form of technology improvements and new innovative products. All R&D is done in-house (no outsourcing is used) to ensure the best quality and consistency.
  • Netwrix founders bring over 16 years of industry leadership and excellence.
  • Netwrix is one of the top 100 software companies on the 2013 Inc. 5000.