Enabling True Visibility into Hybrid and Cloud Services
Feb 18, 11am EST
Hosted by: John Ross, Vice President of Strategic Alliances

Your business is changing with the prevalence of hybrid and cloud services that require you to give your customers a flexible choice of where and how they want to operate their critical systems. Today, many businesses become involved with hybrid deployments and converged infrastructure from vendors such as Simplivity and Nutanix rather than legacy systems cobbled together in the past.

These new capabilities drastically improve a customer’s experience in consuming either hybrid or cloud services, including both IaaS and PaaS from various vendors, such as Microsoft Azure, VMware vCloud Air or CenturyLink. The question then becomes how do you, as an MSP and trusted advisor, enable your customers the confidence you both need to operate their workloads securely at any time, no matter where they are hosted?

In this webinar, we focus on Netwrix solution that will enable you to meet these needs and discuss how it can help in addressing the above-mentioned challenge. We will discuss our rapid deployment models, explain how we support fully virtualized, hybrid cloud deployments and how we establish continuous compliance for your customers without the need to change your existing PSA platforms such as Kaseya, Conectwise, Autotask and ServiceNow. We will also discuss the business benefits along with suggested offerings combined from around the globe, and the financials of operating Netwrix for your customers.

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IT Infrastructure Configuration Tips & Tricks: Configuring Active Directory, Group Policy, Microsoft Exchange for Audit
Feb 24, 11am EST
Hosted by: Danny Murphy, Sales Engineer

During the session, we will explain how to deploy and set up Netwrix Auditor and configure the target environment to successfully audit Active Directory, Group Policy, and Microsoft Exchange. In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Netwrix Auditor deployment options and installation;
  • Steps to configure the target systems for auditing;
  • Tips and tricks for successful systems configuration.
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Product Demo: Netwrix Auditor 7.1. Windows Server Auditing
Mar 10, 11am EST
Hosted by: Roy Lopez, Sales Engineer

Join us for a live demo of Netwrix Auditor 7.1 to learn more about auditing Windows Server. During the session, we will guide you on how Netwrix Auditor enables complete visibility into:

  • Windows Server;
  • Event Log;
  • And more!
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How to Survive an IT Audit… and Thrive Off It!
Mar 17, 11am EDT
Hosted by: Adam Stetson, Sales Engineer

Compliance standards and regulations are complex and they tell you everything about multiple requirements, but nothing about how to fulfill them. In these conditions, how does one survive an IT audit?

In this webinar, you’ll learn about top control processes that should be taken care of as matters of best practice or as core components of any IT compliance. These areas would probably be the most scrutinized by an auditor and will require evidence that supports the establishment and effectiveness of enabled policies and procedures.

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Top 10 Critical Changes to Audit in Your IT Infrastructure
Mar 24, 11am EDT
Hosted by: Danny Murphy, Sales Engineer

With a number of recent high-profile security breaches and compliance violations, it has become clear that traditional security mechanisms, such as firewalls, IDS, and antivirus, should no longer be treated as the only line of defense against external attackers and insider threats. Change and configuration auditing of critical systems across the entire IT infrastructure is an integral way to maintain your organization’s security standards and compliance responsibilities. Inability to protect your company’s sensitive information can have detrimental effects on your IT environment and your business at large.

In this webinar, we’ll walk through 10 of the most critical changes to audit in your IT systems and show how Netwrix Auditor can provide you with the mechanisms to successfully deal with security and compliance challenges.

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