Solidify your Security Strategy: Dealing with Advanced Threats
Nov 25, 11am EST
Hosted by: Jeff Melnick, Manager of Sales Engineering

According to Verizon’s “2015 Data Breach Investigation Report,” the cyberattacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Cybercriminals have been successful in creating new techniques and deceptive tactics that outpace security efforts. Under these conditions, what would be your approach to dealing with security threats?

Join us for a live webinar session and discover how auditing can help mitigate the risk of data breaches and solidify your security strategy overall. During the session, we will talk about:

  • The latest data breaches and their ramifications;
  • How auditing complements threat-defense mechanisms;
  • What should be audited and why.

We’ll also showcase how to take advantage of the new functionality available in Netwrix Auditor 7.1.

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Product Demo: Netwrix Auditor 7.1. Windows Server Auditing
Dec 10, 11am EST
Hosted by: Roy Lopez, Sales Engineer

Join us for a live demo of Netwrix Auditor 7.1 to learn more about auditing Windows Server. During the session, we will guide you on how Netwrix Auditor enables complete visibility into:

  • Windows Server;
  • Event Log;
  • And more!
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Top 10 Critical Changes to Audit in Your IT Infrastructure
Dec 16, 11am EST
Hosted by: Danny Murphy, Sales Engineer

With a number of recent high-profile security breaches and compliance violations, it has become clear that traditional security mechanisms, such as firewalls, IDS, and antivirus, should no longer be treated as the only line of defense against external attackers and insider threats. Change and configuration auditing of critical systems across the entire IT infrastructure is an integral way to maintain your organization’s security standards and compliance responsibilities. Inability to protect your company’s sensitive information can have detrimental effects on your IT environment and your business at large.

In this webinar, we’ll walk through 10 of the most critical changes to audit in your IT systems and show how Netwrix Auditor can provide you with the mechanisms to successfully deal with security and compliance challenges.

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