Free training materials designed to help IT Pros gain visibility into their hybrid-cloud IT environments for security and compliance

Alerts on Threat Patterns

Watch these short videos to walk through examples of how standard and threshold-based alerts enable you to effectively mitigate information security risks. You will also learn how to get the most value from the alerting feature.

I Am a Sysadmin

In the Special edition of Sysadmin Magazine five sysadmins from the Spiceworks community share their anecdotes and IT hacks proving how awesome and irreplaceable sysadmins are.

  • My First Day Challenge as a Sysadmin
  • Sysadmins Speak Up: 7 Reasons to Become a Sysadmin
  • Infographics: Top Cybersecurity Risks in Healthcare
  • Free Tool of the Month: Account Lockout Examiner

2017 IT Risks Report

With the 2017 IT Risks Report, Netwrix continues to analyze how organizations are working to combat various IT risks. The report is based on a survey of 723 IT pros concerning the IT risks they deal with on a daily basis.