Free training materials designed to help IT Pros gain visibility into their hybrid-cloud IT environments for security and compliance


Using Netwrix Auditor’s Interactive Search

Learn about practical applications for Netwrix Auditor’s Interactive Search feature. Just step through these real-life scenarios to quickly get acquainted with the feature’s capabilities and interface.

May the PowerShell Be with You

The June issue of Sysadmin magazine brings you a lightsaber of IT security world – sacred PowerShell cmdlets that will move your IT infrastructure security to an intergalactic level.

  • PowerShell: Find Disabled or Inactive Users in Active Directory
  • PowerShell: Discover New Users in Active Directory
  • Infographics: Top IT Security Risks of 2017
  • Free Tool of the Month: Netwrix Auditor Free Community Edition


2017 IT Risks Report

With the 2017 IT Risks Report, Netwrix continues to analyze how organizations are working to combat various IT risks. The report is based on a survey of 723 IT pros concerning the IT risks they deal with on a daily basis.