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File Server

How to get an NTFS permissions report

Learn how to get an NTFS permissions report in a few simple steps to ensure your files are secured properly.

Why GDPR Won’t Kill You

In this special edition, we cover the most critical information about the GDPR to prove that it’s not your enemy, but an opportunity to excel.

  • What is GDPR: 10 frequently asked questions
  • 5 reasons why GDPR will make you stronger
  • How to: 3 steps to comply with Article 25 §2 of the GDPR
  • Recorded Webinar Series: Achieve and maintain compliance with the GDPR

User Behavior and Blind Spot Analysis Reports

Watch these short videos to see how our security analytics reports can help you spot anomalous activity across multiple systems in your IT environment so you can block attackers and hold insiders accountable.

2018 Cloud Security: In-Depth Report

The report diver deeper in the problem of security challenges set by the cloud before various industries and geographical regions. We surveyed 853 organizations to reveal how the overall cloud use varies depending on companies' requirements and industry standards.

2018 Netwrix Cloud Security Report

The 2018 Cloud Security Report reveals whether organizations trust the cloud enough to store sensitive data there, and how they protect data in the cloud.