Free training materials designed to help IT Pros gain visibility into their hybrid-cloud IT environments for security and compliance

Windows Server

How to Get Local Users with or without PowerShell

Regularly review the local users and groups on critical Windows machines in order to harden the security of your servers.

S for Sysadmin

We’re dedicating our Sysadmin Day Special Edition to all the unsung heroes of server rooms. This issue is packed with tips and insights that will help sysadmins grow their careers and simplify their lives.

  • Best system administrator certifications for 2018
  • Systems administrator salaries in 2018
  • [Infographic] Key facts about system administrator jobs
  • Top 10 free system administration tools

IT Risk Assessment Reports

Watch these short videos to learn how to start identifying, assessing and mitigating security weak spots using IT Risk Assessment reports.

2018 Cloud Security: In-Depth Report

The report diver deeper in the problem of security challenges set by the cloud before various industries and geographical regions. We surveyed 853 organizations to reveal how the overall cloud use varies depending on companies' requirements and industry standards.

2018 Netwrix Cloud Security Report

The 2018 Cloud Security Report reveals whether organizations trust the cloud enough to store sensitive data there, and how they protect data in the cloud.