Free training materials designed to help IT Pros gain visibility into their hybrid-cloud IT environments for security and compliance

File Server

How to Find Duplicate Files

Locate duplicate documents on your file servers to free up storage space and control the spread of sensitive information.

“My Precious!” - Finding & Securing Sensitive Data

Learn how to use the forces of good – data discovery and classification tools and techniques – for safeguarding your most precious content and ensuring compliance.

  • Data classification explained: Why you should care and how to perform it
  • Using RegEx to find sensitive content
  • How to manage file system ACLs with PowerShell scripts
  • Microsoft File Classification Infrastructure (FCI) explained

Data Discovery and Classification Reports

Watch these short videos to see how our Data Discovery and Classification reports can help you determine where your sensitive data is located, understand whether any of this data is exposed to unauthorized use, and monitor who is actually reading, modifying or deleting these sensitive files.

2018 Cloud Security: In-Depth Report

The report diver deeper in the problem of security challenges set by the cloud before various industries and geographical regions. We surveyed 853 organizations to reveal how the overall cloud use varies depending on companies' requirements and industry standards.

2018 Netwrix Cloud Security Report

The 2018 Cloud Security Report reveals whether organizations trust the cloud enough to store sensitive data there, and how they protect data in the cloud.