Free training materials designed to help IT Pros gain visibility into their hybrid-cloud IT environments for security and compliance

Active Directory

How to Get Computer Group Membership

Enterprise growth can cause your AD group structure to get quite complex, which can lead to GPO and WSUS policy conflicts. To investigate them, you need to list all Active Directory groups that certain computer account belongs to.

Permissions: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The August edition explores the good, the bad and the ugly sides of permissions, delivering best practices for configuring access to your critical systems and data.

  • Privileged access management in Windows Server
  • Differences between share and NTFS permissions
  • How to manage file system ACLs with PowerShell scripts
  • Manage SharePoint permissions like a pro

Data Remediation Workflows

Watch these short training videos to learn how you can reduce the exposure of critical and regulated data by building a strong data remediation process.

2019 Cloud Data Security Report

The report reveals what kinds of data organizations store in the cloud, what are their top concerns about securing that data, what incidents they have experienced and what are their future plans for storing data in the cloud.

2018 IT Risks Report

The report explores how well organisations are prepared to mitigate the most common cyber risks, which include physical damage, intellectual property theft, data loss, data breach, system disruption and compliance penalties.