Free training materials designed to help IT Pros gain visibility into their hybrid-cloud IT environments for security and compliance

Active Directory

How to Get a Report on AD User Group Membership

IT pros need to review which groups specific user accounts belong to so they can enforce the least privilege principle in their IT environments.

Keep up the Good Network

The January edition is your guide to building a strong network. Learn all about network devices and get the list of the top network monitoring solutions.

  • Network devices explained
  • Network security devices you need to know about
  •  Why monitoring of network devices is critical for network security
  • Top 10 best network monitoring tools
  •  Network security best practices

Configuration Best Practices

Watch these short videos to walk through the most important moments of installing and configuring Netwrix Auditor, including how to start collecting data, granularly grant access and monitor Netwrix Auditor’s health.

2018 IT Risks Report

The report explores how well organisations are prepared to mitigate the most common cyber risks, which include physical damage, intellectual property theft, data loss, data breach, system disruption and compliance penalties.

2018 Netwrix Customer Survey Report

The results of the 2018 edition of the annual Netwrix customer survey are now available. We polled 406 customers to see how satisfied they are with our product, which problems it helps them solve on a daily basis, and which features they find most valuable.