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Netwrix Auditor is an excellent product. Any bank that has to maintain IT infrastructure security will benefit from using it. The software allows us to better understand user activity, track any changes made to IT systems or successful and failed access attempts to the most critical assets. It is an ideal solution to quickly and effectively maintain security without engaging a lot of additional resources. /Enrique Martinez, Information Security Coordinator at Banco Bandes Uruguay/
The major benefit I see is that, with Netwrix Auditor, we gain a deep insight into our IT infrastructure that we didn’t have before. While it’s easy to change Active Directory objects and make a mistake, the product adds a layer of security and accountability within the company. It is priceless for our customers who rely on Xcentric to guarantee integrity of sensitive data. /Sam Hollis, Lead Infrastructure Engineer, Xcentric/
Before we started using Netwrix Auditor, preparing for the audit was not only a long-painful task, it was also rather expensive. Netwrix suits us because it is simple and efficient. It also keeps our compliance costs down while making it easier to follow strict federal and industry regulations. Netwrix Auditor saves us about 8 hours on preparing for the audit, and approximately 4 hours weekly on gathering audit data as reference for future audits. /Benjamin Shumaker, Network Information Security Officer / NISO, Credit Union of Denver/
We wanted to see what was happening in our IT infrastructure in one central location, without having to go through multiple different steps. Netwrix Auditor provides a single point of access and actionable information on the IT changes. Thanks to it, we have become proactive and more efficient in our everyday work, we have enabled continuous user access to the IT systems and with that have been able to provide better user experience. /Maria Fleischmann, Technology Coordinator, Miles & Stockbridge/
We use Netwrix Auditor to audit every system of our infrastructure. Previously, I had used five separate solutions of other vendors for monitoring Active Directory, MS Exchange, logs and firewall log analyzers. I have replaced all of those with Netwrix Auditor. Netwrix Auditor made it extremely easy to get through the audits. Now we are able to prepare for the audits in a few days not weeks and prove that we have control of our IT environment. /Andrew Ledford, Chief Information Officer, BankCard Central/
After deploying Netwrix Auditor, we felt even more comfortable with our decision. Netwrix Auditor looks polished, works very fast and is super-rich in its features. The recent upgrade has Interactive Search, which simplifies our daily routine by instantly finding necessary audit data. Netwrix Auditor is so convenient and user-friendly that it didn’t take much time or many resources to integrate it into our IT workflow. /Ivan Kovač, Information Security Coordinator, HBOR/
Netwrix Auditor not only gives us the ability to detect the changes made in Active Directory; it helps us get a clear picture of who is doing what, so we can change the practices used by outsourced IT services providers. Netwrix Auditor saves us 50 hours of hard work, huge amount of effort and allows us to streamline internal processes. /Nick Pettingell, IT Infrastructure Specialist, Costain/
Netwrix Auditor is a powerful solution when you need to get a high-level overview of what’s happening across your IT systems, and it has exceeded my expectations. It gives us necessary information instantly when our AD admins make an unauthorized change. That means we can take proactive steps to prevent a significant negative impact on the overall security and make sure that no sensitive data is compromised. /John Cantarella, Network Manager, Clairvaux MacKillop College/
With granular control over Active Directory changes provided by Netwrix Auditor, now we can make sure that nobody is giving any privileges that weren’t meant to be given, and no one is making changes that can potentially compromise our IT infrastructure. /Jeff Gardea, Systems Administrator, Soka University of America/
Netwrix Auditor will help us grow our business and be an additional differentiator in our managed services field. We do believe that it will be a revenue generator for our company and provide higher security for our clients. /Daniel Schultheiss, Director of Information Technology, CSO, INTERDEV/
Netwrix Auditor helped us to get more secure environment. Now we are able to see what is changing and how across all the IT systems that we so heavily rely on. Netwrix Auditor has removed the blind zones, and now I feel more confident about security of my IT network. /Hercu Rabsatt, Director of Infrastructure & Service Management, Mansfield Oil/
Controlling access to sensitive data is one of our priorities set by numerous industry standards, for which we must comply. Netwrix Auditor helps us to ensure that there is no room for unauthorized actions that could potentially compromise sensitive data and damage our customers. /Mark Patten, Director of Corporate Engineering, FXCM Inc./
There is nothing new about the security gap between regular and privileged user accounts. Still there is an obvious risk of human error. Netwrix Auditor gives us the visibility we need to protect against incorrect or unauthorized changes to ensure system uptime and service availability for our customers. /Md Ashifuzzaman, Associate Manager, Technology Systems, banglalink/
The balance between Netwrix Auditor functionality and its cost is incredible; it helps to save me a lot of time. When the auditors come and ask me for report, for example, on users and groups or who has domain administrator access, I can easily deliver it right in front of their eyes. /David Auth, AVP, IT Support Administrator, Heritage Bank/
For us being secured means knowing what is going on. We can always refer to Netwrix Auditor to ensure that our networks are in a safe state. /Tej Singh, Senior Systems Analyst, Enterprise Inns/
We quickly recognized all Netwrix Auditor benefits. Regular reporting helps us meet internal policy requirements, in particular guard against security incidents and are the best for quick submission at the request of the Head Office. That is why our choice was obvious. /Nigel Lim, IT Manager, ADEKA Singapore Pte Ltd/
“Netwrix Auditor is a helpful solution that allows us to track down changes and gives us peace of mind. If more сompanies were auditing their IT infrastructures, they would be able to have a bird’s-eye view from a centralized place, allowing complete oversight of any change made. /Richard Staats, VTM Group/
We needed a way to audit police evidence related data and files. Netwrix Auditor for File Servers gives us the ability to provide an audit trail of any file activity and ensures sensitive data is protected.
/Barry Goldstrom, IT Supervisor, The City of Artesia, NM/
Netwrix Auditor helps us with reporting on attributes that have changed, and allows us to quickly respond to the events that have the potential of taking us out of compliance.
/Ofer Amrami, Director, Infrastructure and Operations, American Career College/
With Netwrix Auditor it takes me five minutes to complete tasks that used to take all day. /Ryan Dorman, Senior Systems Administrator, Borderfree Inc./
I would give Netwrix Auditor 10 out of 10; it meets every single requirement we wanted from it. /David Sewoke, Operations Team Leader, King's College Hospital/
Netwrix Password Expiration Notifier fits the bill perfectly. It did everything we needed it to do, and was extremely simple to use. /Tom Thrush, Senior System Administrator, Xactly/
We were up and running with Netwrix Password Expiration Notifier within half an hour. The implementation process couldn't have been easier. /Reed Horanburg, Senior Consultant, McKonly & Asbury, LLP./
When we implemented Netwrix Auditor we got a very easy to use solution to tell us the who/what/when/where details for all changes, easily saving us hours of investigative work tracking down who made a specific change. /Jeff Salisbury Director, Global IT Operations, Belkin International, Inc./
Netwrix provided us with a set of solutions well suited for us and easy to use. /Borut Šorli, IT Director, Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Republic of Slovenia/
Netwrix products are solid and easy to figure out. Moreover, with Netwrix daily reports I have been able to detect the problems in the early stage and sustain security, avoid downtime and data breaches. /Jon Dobson, Network Administrator, the Donohoe Companies Inc., USA/
I am very happy with the decision to go with Netwrix, Netwrix solutions are a real asset to the IT Admin’s toolbox. /Xander Bikbergen, Senior System Engineer & Architect, Koninklijke Gazelle NV, Netherlands/
Netwrix All-in-One Suite integrates a lot of useful solutions that are easy to configure and use, and has a serious price advantage /Savaş Demir, Infrastructure Manager at Eurobank Tekfen, Turkey/
Darien Allen, IT Manager for Rapid Advance talks about his experience with Netwrix flagship IT infrastructure reporting solution at Microsoft TechEd 2012.
Mike Paterson, Systems Engineer from Advance Auto Parts tells the story how they use Netwrix Active Directory auditing tool to detect accidental and unauthorized changes and roll them back.
Rafael Reyes, Senior Engineer at Entertainment Partners, tells the story of how Netwrix Active Directory auditing software streamlines compliance for his IT department.
The information provided by Active Directory Change Reporter has become integral to our IT department and auditors. /Ambers Ferrara, Sr. System Administrator, Transplace/
Our goal was to meet both State of Maine and Federal Security guidelines. Netwrix Active Directory Change Reporter has met and exceeded our expectations. /Brian Desjardins, Network Architect, State of Maine/
We needed to comply with global auditing standards, and were instructed by our auditors to find a solution that met their exact requirements. Netwrix`s suite of software allowed us to monitor all critical aspects of our Microsoft environment, thus meeting the auditors strict requirements. Moreover, the security of our environment has increased tenfold since the implementation of the Netwrix software. /Mervyn Govender, CIO, CreditEdge/
Jeff Daniels, Network Engineer at Emergency Physicians Medical Group, tells the story of how his IT department uses Netwrix Active Directory Change Reporter and Netwrix Password Expiration Notifier to increase IT infrastructure visibility and protect new users from password expirations.
Mike Reavis, LAN Administrator at Johnson County Government, tells the story of how his IT department relies on Netwrix Identity Management Suite to manage Active Directory passwords, and prevent those passwords from expiring.
Anytime we have a question of how an account was changed, the Netwrix solution helps us to figure out who changed it and when, and then find out from them why. /Shay Wilson, Network Administrator of the Alaska State Legislature IT Department/
We considered tools from several vendors as well as inbuilt tools. Most were either too time consuming to implement, too cumbersome to maintain, too expensive to purchase or too easy to circumvent. We chose the Netwrix Change Reporter because of its attractive pricing and easy implementation. /Kerry Schrantz, Network Operations Manager at Pike Energy/
Active Directory Change Reporter was able to detect unauthorized changes to sensitive administrative groups. Prompt corrective action was taken and a reminder was sent to the IT staff. Plus, the auditors simply love the tool! /SayJade Teo, Group IT Manager, Straits Asia Resources Limited/
Armed with Netwrix tool, we were able to quickly clean out or lock down all of our stale user accounts. /Shay Wilson, Network Administrator of the Alaska State Legislature IT Department/
Since implementing the Password Expiration Notifier, our helpdesk has seen trouble tickets relating to passwords completely disappear. /Benjamin Powell, IT Services Engineer at Tandberg/
Installing Password Manager along with Password Expiration Notifier reduced our number of password reset helpdesk requests. /Jeanine Atkins, Systems and Network Coordinator, Nevada Joint Union High School District, CA/
We needed a way to notify some of our clients that use our Exchange system about their AD passwords expiring because their PCs were not on our windows domain. The Password Expiration Notifer allows us to send the clients to a web interface where they can change their passwords before they expire, and it has been most helpful to us and our clients. /Kirk Shankle, Network Administrator, MedSynergies/
We chose Netwrix Password Manager, and that was the right decision. /Kraig Kluba, manager of Windows Server Support Team/
Netwrix Password Manager met the features we needed and it greatly reduced our administrative load. /CJ Rainer, Network Support Specialist, Doster Construction Company/
Using Netwrix Active Directory Change Reporter has led to an increase in the time that the operational staff can dedicate to supporting the business — the product is relied upon entirely to log all changes in Active Directory. /Nick Haynes, IT Manager, Bidwells Property Consultants/
Netwrix Inactive Users tracker has allowed us to easily automate the account cleanup process and free up valuable engineering hours. We have also been able to save money on our anti-spam and e-mail archiving products that are licensed on a per mailbox basis. /Joseph Ciccolo, IT Manager, Boston Medical Center/
We no longer have users calling the helpdesk about expired network passwords. Netwrix Password Expiration Notifier has worked very well for our company. /Cathy Kane, Network Engineer, Silverstone Group/
We have reduced the volume of helpdesk calls for password resets and unlocks by 80%. This has freed up staff to perform more critical functions while empowering our users. /Murray Harris, Senior Enterprise Systems Administrator, APN News & Media/
With Netwrix, we can easily see who changed what and when in our Active Directory. /Leo Aalsma, IT Coordinator, Calibris/
Netwrix Account Lockout Examiner is a simple solution to our specific need, at a reasonable price. We would definitely recommend it to other IT departments. /Philip Bryan, Director of Information Technology, RXR Realty/
We were looking for a product to allow users to manage their own Active Directory (AD) accounts and minimize the time IT spends on that particular task. Netwrix Password Manager provided a simple, easy to use product that did what we needed at a reasonable price. /Donald Congleton, IT Manager, DAK Americas/
We were looking for a simple solution that would provide end-user identity management capabilities that minimized involvement from the IT help desk. Netwrix Identity Management Suite is a no-nonsense solution that has done that and more. /Stan Mierzwa, IT Director, Population Council/
The reports generated by Netwrix Active Directory Change Reporter help me maintain control of the changes made to our IT environment, which in turn, enables quality control. /Hartger Brasjen, IT Manager, Mammoet/
We now have a way of accurately recording who is doing what within our Active Directory. This has enabled us to enforce security policies more effectively and to concentrate our efforts on better supporting external customers. /Tim Stainthorpe, Technical Services Manager, Eclipse Group/
We have considered a number of technologies (there’s a lot on the market). But found Netwrix the best... /Søren Lauritsen, IT-consultant, Borgmesterens Afdeling, IT, Aarhus Kommune/
Netwrix File Server Change Reporter came as a handy tool for auditing, organizing, reporting and archiving all kind of required changes... It really removed the burden of huge auditing requirement of our IT department. /Ahmed Maged, Senior System Engineer, Al Foah Co./
Netwrix proved to be helpful in solving day to day IT needs and troubleshooting Active Directory. /Pallab Chakraborty, IT Engineer, Telstra International/
Every change we make to AD is now logged and audited which helps us to see exactly what is going on with our domain controllers. File server management and auditing help us with our HIPAA and SOX compliance. /Bhupinder Virdi, IT Department, ZOLL Data Systems, division of Zoll Medical Corporation/
Once we were notified about our audit, we immediately began searching for a product that would warn users of password expirations. Luckily, we happened upon Netwrix Password Expiration Notifier, and it does exactly what we were looking for. /Phil Rudich, Information Technology Manager, a Large Healthcare Management Firm/
Netwrix Password Expiration Notifier has led to a more secure environment, since passwords are now getting changed properly and more frequently. /Tom Mazowski, Network Administrator/
Using Netwrix Account Lockout Examiner helped us respond faster and minimize the impact to the user community. /Rick Tuttle, operations manager at large integrated energy and chemical company/
The Netwrix solution accomplishes what we need it to do, and I would recommend the product to everybody looking to get Active Directory and Exchange auditing done right. /Joseph Chong, IT Manager, leading Asia-based Hedge Fund/