Credit Union of Denver

Credit Union of Denver Ensures NCUA Compliance and Keeps Costs under Control

8 hours
Saved on audits quarterly
4 hours
Saved on compliance routine weekly

Before we started using Netwrix Auditor, preparing for the audit was not only a long-painful task, it was also rather expensive. Netwrix suits us because it is simple and efficient. It saves us about 8 hours on preparing for the quarter audit, and approximately 4 hours weekly on gathering audit data as reference for future audits.

Benjamin Shumaker, Network Information Security Officer / NISO, 

Credit Union of Denver

  • Maintain customer data security and ensure the integrity of sensitive member records.
  • Automate security policies verification and preparation for compliance audits to meet the requirements of the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).
  • Monitor the activity of the IT team to ensure they adequately follow security policy.

Netwrix Auditor reports deliver me precisely what I need to investigate the issue. This helps me to be 100% certain that I am aware of any critical change. As a part of security trainings, I also show the reports to the administrators to examine the mistakes and find possible enhancements in their efficiency.

Benjamin Shumaker, Network Information Security Officer / NISO at Credit Union of Denver

Netwrix Solution

Benjamin Shumaker, Network Information Security Officer at the Credit Union of Denver, values Netwrix Auditor for it is efficiency, ease of deployment and user-friendly interface.

  • Increased efficiency of IT controls for better data security. With Netwrix Auditor, Benjamin can easily track all changes in the IT environment and regularly assess current system configurations. This helps him ensure that the maintenance of user accounts in Active Directory is performed according to the security policy. As a result, Benjamin makes sure that sensitive data and access to member accounts aren’t compromised.
  • Reduced time to prepare for audits. Netwrix Auditor simplified reporting and helped Benjamin answer all questions asked during the audits on short notice. The automation of this routine helped keep compliance costs down. It saved the company 8 hours quarterly on preparing to the annual audit, and approximately 4 hours weekly on gathering audit data as reference for future audits.
  • Control over privileged users and better accountability. Netwrix Auditor helps Benjamin monitor the activity of three domain administrators on a regular basis and control their actions to prevent unauthorized access, misuse or deletion of members’ records. In addition, the software provides him with reports delivering information about any undesired change, which helps him examine IT personnel mistakes and improve the quality of their work.
Key Benefits
  • Enhanced security of the IT environment
  • Optimized audits preparation workflow
  • Improved IT personnel training
Customer Profile

The Credit Union of Denver has been serving its members since 1931. The company provides financial services for the local community by offering great rates and customer support. Today the credit union has over 57,000 members and is $669,749,162 in total assets. It continuously develops its offering by expanding membership eligibility and extending services to suit the needs of Denver residents.

Customer: Credit Union of Denver

Industry: Financial Services