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Credit Union Gains Visibility into Behavior Anomalies to Mitigate Ransomware Threats

A couple of minutes
To detect ransomware

It has been great working with Netwrix Auditor. I am impressed with how well it helps me detect behavior anomalies and investigate potential issues — in minutes as opposed to the hours it took in the past. The software is handy for timely detection of ransomware attacks. I also plan to leverage Netwrix Auditor for our regular NCUA audits. 

Alex Alexandre, System Administrator, Insight Credit Union

  • Secure different types of confidential data stored on file servers.
  • Detect anomalous activity that could otherwise lead to a breach.
  • Accelerate investigation and remediation of incidents and operational issues.

With Netwrix Auditor, I investigate issues in just a few minutes, instead of hours. I already have all the information in my reports. Also, Netwrix Auditor slashes time for remediation, which is important for business continuity.”

Alex Alexandre, System Administrator, 

Insight Credit Union

Netwrix Solution

Alex had used Netwrix Auditor at his previous job and appreciated its functionality, especially the alerting and risk scoring capabilities. When he joined Insight Credit Union, he continued to use Netwrix Auditor to improve the organization’s security posture. 

  • Visibility into anomalous behavior. Alex receives alerts on activities that could be a sign of a security incident, such as logons outside business hours, multiple failed logons, changes to permissions and non-owner mailbox access events. He reviews users’ risk scores on a daily basis to identify high-risk accounts, which enables him to take action before a security breach occurs.
  • Mitigation of ransomware attacks. The alerts on mass data removal or modification and excessive failed access attempts enable Alex to detect ransomware attacks in their early stage. Once Netwrix Auditor alerted him to an account that tried to access a lot of files. He thought it was ransomware and blocked the account immediately. Although it was not something malicious, Alex still felt relieved that Netwrix Auditor notified him about the mere possibility of ransomware.
  • Optimized investigations. Alex uses Interactive Search to investigate operational issues, such as lost files or a user’s inability to log in to certain applications. He likes the state-in-time reports, which enable him to compare current and past system configurations.
Key Benefits
  • Fast detection of abnormal activity and ransomware
  • Prompt investigation and remediation of issues
Customer Profile

Founded in 1935, Insight Credit Union is a state-chartered credit union dedicated to improving the financial lives of those who live and work in the communities it serves. Insight serves 55,000 members in Orange, Seminole, Volusia, Osceola, Lake, Sumter, Citrus, and Marion Counties. As a full-service financial institution with more than $550 million in total assets, Insight offers banking, loans, mortgages and investments to anyone who lives or works in Central Florida. 

Customer: Insight Credit Union

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