Lake Michigan Credit Union

Lake Michigan Credit Union Meets FDIC Compliance

Several minutes
To address auditors' requests

I am very impressed with Netwrix Auditor. The monitoring functionality works really well for us. Easy to set up, easy to maintain, easy to get the records requested by auditors. Reporting features are amazing! I would definitely recommend this product for people that are looking for seamless auditing of Active Directory. 

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  • Improve compliance with security protocols with regards to the federal regulations, such as FDIC.
  • Maintain a complete listing of changes made to Active Directory as one of the core requirements.
  • Detect and thwart malicious activity across critical systems in order to avoid security lapses or business downtime.

The custom reports are especially helpful. We can pull any information any time based on any criteria auditors request from us. Before it would take hours to find information auditors request, now it is a matter of minutes.

Aaron Christenson, Sr. Windows/SQL Administrator, Lake Michigan Credit Union

Netwrix Solution
  • Controlling what’s happening. Netwrix Auditor provides an overview of changes made to Active Directory that the IT team can either reverse or log and provide those to the auditors. Most importantly, they know what’s happening any time across AD.
  • Optimizing compliance processes. Now the IT staff can provide auditors with detailed answers for all their questions needed in a very timely fashion. Before it would take hours to find information auditors request, now it is a matter of minutes.
  • Ensuring no malicious activity is taking place. With the software, they can also be assured there’s no risky or malicious activity going on within the IT environment.
Key Benefits
  • Ensured compliance with FDIC and other security protocols
  • Streamlined auditing of Active Directory
  • Gained ability to thwart malicious activity in time
Customer Profile

Headquartered in West Michigan, U.S., Lake Michigan Credit Union offers a full range of financial services: from savings and checking programs, debit cards and online services, to mortgages and auto loans. It operates since October, 1933. 

Customer: Lake Michigan Credit Union

Industry: Financial Services