Achieving and Proving GDPR Compliance
with a Solution from Netwrix

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on May 25, 2018. This data protection regulation aims to ensure the security of Europeans’ personal data and give individuals more control over their sensitive data in today’s digital age. The GDPR requirements apply to all organizations that collect the personal information of EU citizens, regardless of the company’s location. However, with tons of personal data spread across different locations, ensuring the security of regulated data can be impossible without specialized tools or a GDPR compliance solution.
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See which specific GDPR compliance requirements you can address with Netwrix

Achieving regulatory compliance can involve many different things, from ensuring the physical security of the servers that contain sensitive data to reporting breaches promptly. Because these requirements are so broad, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to find GDPR software or a data management solution that will address all possible compliance requirements. Therefore, when choosing a GDPR solution, you need to understand which GDPR requirements it can address and how it matches your needs.

Netwrix provides enterprise-wide visibility into on-premises and cloud-based systems and applications to help you establish proper information security controls and validate that those controls are aligned with the following specific provisions of the GDPR data privacy regulation:
CHAPTER II. Principles

Article 5. Principles relating to processing of personal data

  • §1 (f); §2
CHAPTER III. Rights of the data subject

Article 15. Right of access by the data subject

  • §1 (b)

Article 16. Right to rectification

Article 17. Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’)

  • §1

Article 20. Right to data portability

  • §1
CHAPTER IV. Controller and processor

Article 24. Responsibility of the controller

  • §1

Article 25. Data protection by design and by default

  • §1; §2

Article 32. Security of processing

  • §1 (b, c, d); §2; §4

Article 33. Notification of a personal data breach to the supervisory authority

  • §1; §3 (a)

Article 34. Communication of a personal data breach to the data subject

  • §1
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Netwrix can help you comply with the
General Data Protection Regulation.
Depending on the configuration of your IT systems, your internal procedures, the nature of your business and other factors, Netwrix might also facilitate compliance with provisions of the GDPR not listed above.

Find out how you can ensure GDPR compliance using Netwrix

The Netwrix provides capabilities essential in any GDPR compliance software, helping you turn your GDPR action plan into reality. It enables you to easily identify where GDPR-regulated data resides in your network, who has access rights to that data and how the data is used, as well as keep an eye on anomalous data activity, so you can easily achieve and demonstrate your adherence to this rigorous data security regulation.
Kick-start your GDPR compliance program with an assessment of major IT risks
Ensuring the security of regulated data is not enough if your overall security is weak and can be easily breached by cyber criminals. Start by making sure you have strong identity and access settings, and ensuring that there is no overexposed data in your network or potentially harmful files on your corporate file servers.
Identify the exact location of GDPR data
Identify which files and folders contain data that is regulated by GDPR, so you can plan and implement a strong data security policy and enhance your data governance processes. The data discovery technology from Netwrix enables you to choose which categories of sensitive data you want to identify.
Enhance data protection with strict control over access rights
Ensure data privacy by aligning all permissions with the least-privilege principle, so sensitive resources are available only to authorized employees. Easily identify users with excessive access rights to minimize the risk of data breaches.
Continuously remove excessive permissions
Set a workflow that will automatically remove access to EU citizens’ personal data from global security groups like Everyone in order to minimize the risk of a data breach and avoid compliance problems.
Comply with the “right to be forgotten” requirement
Quickly find all data on your file servers about EU citizens who have withdrawn their consent for processing of their personal data, so you can erase it completely.

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