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We care about security of your data.
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Ransomware Protection Software to Secure Your Data from Being Kidnapped

Ransomware is one of the most pervasive and insidious cyberthreats of the modern world, with new and more sophisticated strains and versions appearing every day.  With the Netwrix ransomware solution, you can dramatically reduce your risk of a ransomware infection, catch and stop an attack that gets through — before it kidnaps your data and ruins your week or even shutters your business.
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We care about security of your data.
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Reduce your attack surface by closing security gaps

The latest types and versions of ransomware attacks are becoming extremely hard to notice by the naked eye, so even expert users may eventually get tricked. Although you can’t completely eliminate the risk of users opening malicious attachments or clicking the wrong links on the internet, but you can identify and mitigate weak spots in your security posture to minimize threats and potential damage — if you have the right anti-ransomware tools in place.

Regularly identify and mitigate IT risks to minimize your vulnerability to attack
Pinpoint and prioritize risks in your IT environment — such as excessive user permissions, potentially harmful files, and files and folders that are accessible to everyone — so you can fix critical security gaps before ransomware exploits them.
Establish and maintain secure system configurations to block attacks
Thwart ransomware attacks by configuring servers and endpoint devices across your IT ecosystem in accordance with best practices. Maintain a hardened state by quickly spotting and remediating any deviations from your known-good baselines, such as outdated computer software or weak passwords.
Secure your critical data
Know exactly what sensitive, regulated and business-critical data you have, both on premises and in the cloud, and make sure it’s stored only in secure locations and that only the right users have access to it. Determine which files can be safely deleted or archived to reduce your attack surface area in case of a ransomware attack.
Enforce least privilege
Minimize the ability of ransomware to cripple your business by strictly limiting each user’s access rights to what they need to do their job. Maintain this strong security posture with instant insight into excessive permissions to sensitive data.

Keep calm knowing that you’ve done everything you could to prevent a ransomware infection

It’s said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Minimize the risk of ransomware breaking into your network by protecting your privileged accounts, rigorously enforcing least privilege and locking down Group Policy, so you never have to think of paying any ransom.

Prevent privileged account compromise
Shrink your attack surface by eliminating standing privilege. Instead, create temporary accounts with just enough access to perform the task at hand and remove them when the job is complete, leaving nothing for attackers to compromise and exploit.
Automatically maintain least privilege
Continuously watch for excessive access rights and automatically remove them to limit the damage a ransomware infection could do.
Leave no RDP to be used against you
Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) has been the most popular ransomware attack vector for years. Slam this door to infection shut by automatically disabling RDP on the server as soon as an administrative task is completed.
Prevent users from running ransomware executables and malicious scripts.
Keep ransomware programs from executing — without impacting user productivity. Grant only the permissions users need and implement allow and deny lists to prevent them from executing unknown files or malicious code.
Keep critical security gaps from being created in the first place
Frustrate attackers and avoid paying a costly price for admin errors by automatically blocking malicious and high-risk changes to Group Policy objects (GPOs) and sensitive object permissions.

Discover ransomware in your environment in time to take action

Follow an “assume breach” strategy — ensure that you can promptly detect ransomware that manages to get past your defenses and contain the damage to avoid costly business disruptions and compliance penalties. Netwrix solutions can help you spot and thwart a ransomware attack to keep your organization out of the news.

Catch ransomware in its early stages to save your business
Implement an early warning system that can detect a ransomware attack in progress and help you respond before it’s too late.
Detect attack indicators early to speed response
Be updated about registry key changes that might indicate ransomware attempting to enable the autorun service, as well as any malicious files or DLLs that appear on your systems.
Spot attackers stealthily trying to gain more access to your data
Thwart ransomware’s attempts at privilege escalation with detailed information about all changes to file, folder and share permissions; delegation of access rights; and changes to security group membership.
Prevent sneak ransomware attacks that leverage trusted applications
Spot any attempts to slip ransomware into your network via altered software products. Leverage a trustworthy repository of verified files to ensure your users don’t activate malware by executing an altered application.

Stop ransomware in its tracks and minimize the damage

Some ransomware attacks are so catastrophic that the business never recovers. A speedy response is essential to minimizing the damage. Reduce the mean time to respond to attacks, minimize business downtime and facilitate quick recovery of key data.

Respond to ransomware ASAP and save your business
Once ransomware has been unleashed, every second counts. Be confident you can promptly disable the compromised account, close the SMB session, end the RDP session or execute your own custom script to save your business from downtime, reputational damage and financial loss.
Make more informed decisions in less time
Quickly get to the bottom of a ransomware incident: Understand exactly where the attack started, how it unfolded and what was affected, so you can formulate the best response as quickly as possible.
Determine and report the severity of a ransomware attack
Know how much data the ransomware has touched and exactly which pieces of data were actually encrypted, modified or deleted. Analyze this information to determine whether you need to report the incident and, if necessary, notify all affected parties.

Minimize business downtime and get back to normal with less pain

Recover from ransomware incidents faster with detailed information about the attack. Revert quickly to a known-secure state and incorporate lessons learned into your data security strategy.

Figure out the value and sensitivity of affected data to make a recovery plan
Use a clear inventory of what files were affected and how to formulate an effective ransomware recovery plan that prioritizes the restoration of the most business-critical data from your backups.
Get back up and running even if your AD gets encrypted by ransomware
Recover your AD forest from a secure backup even if your DCs have been encrypted or completely wiped out by ransomware. Revert your IT environment to a secure state faster and more easily with the ability to roll back unwanted changes to your Active Directory, including the removal of new objects and backdoors created during a ransomware attack.

Ensure business continuity

Ensure that your IT investments support your business and security needs. Minimize the likelihood of Ransomware attacks and their potential impact on business continuity.

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Assess, mitigate, and supervise risks on the fly
Obtain a high-level overview of the security posture of the entire infrastructure. Enabling security professionals to apply adequate measures in terms of their risk management strategy.
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Minimize your attack surface through automation
Automate the collection and analysis of your data, minimize your attack surfaces, prove regulatory compliance, and automate threat remediation.
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Enforce policies without hindering business efficiency
Disable read, write, and execute rights for unsanctioned removable media devices. Ensure that end-users can only install and use applications that were approved.
Netwrix Ransomware Protection Solution
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