Management Team

Michael Fimin - Chief Executive Officer
Michael Fimin
CEO and Co-Founder
Go-to-market strategy, sales, evangelism

Michael Fimin joined Netwrix Corporation in 2007, bringing more than a decade of IT industry experience, management practices and innovation. Prior to joining Netwrix, Michael held several key positions at Aelita Software (later acquired by Quest Software), driving the company's top-selling security and compliance product. Michael lives in Monarch Beach, California.

Alex Vovk - President and Chief Operating Officer
Alex Vovk
CEO and Co-Founder
Product strategy, technology alliances, operations

Dr. Alex Vovk is an expert in enterprise software industry. Alex brings to Netwrix an impressive 15-year background of software expertise, proven leadership and operational management. Prior to that, he worked at Aelita Software (later acquired by Quest Software), where he served as the architect for the company's key technologies. Dr. Vovk holds a master's degree and PhD in information security. He lives in Irvine, California.

Brian Helwig - Chief Financial Officer
Brian Helwig
Chief Financial Officer

Brian Helwig is responsible for driving innovation and strategy in finance, operations and customer service. Brian is recognized as an executive with 17 years of experience. Prior to joining Netwrix, he held executive leadership roles at Veeam and Sterling Commerce (later acquired by IBM). Brian holds a Wharton Business School Technical Services Certificate and a Bachelor in Business, Information Technology. He lives in Columbus, Ohio.