Cyber Chief Magazine

Cyber Chief Magazine is a free publication for forward-thinking IT executives who want to map out effective strategies and adopt new processes while staying ahead of the tech curve.

This edition celebrates National Cybersecurity Awareness Month! It comes packed with the resources that organizations need to secure their data and defend against cyberattacks.

  • Just-in-time administration for secure access management
  • NIST cybersecurity framework: benefits and key components
  • How businesses can protect sensitive data against phishing attacks

This issue of Cyber Chief Magazine explores various types of attacks that cybercriminals use to gain access to organization’s systems and data, and provides top strategies to help organizations navigate today’s complex security environment.

  • Top tactics for preventing a data breach
  • Ransomware attacks on the public sector: To pay or not to pay?
  • 5 mistakes that could lead to a third-party data breach

Staying compliant is never an easy task. Get an in-depth view of the requirements of data security regulations and best practices for compliance.

  • Facts and figures related to data security compliance
  • Data classification requirements for regulatory compliance
  • CCPA compliance: How to become compliant
  • What you need to know about FISMA compliance

This edition outlines the main focuses, risks and considerations in the coming year for cybersecurity leaders and shares strategies that will help you seize the opportunities.

  • Top seven cyber security predictions for 2021
  • 2020: IT security lessons to learn
  • All you need to know about cybersecurity assessment
  • ROI of security investments

This edition explains the key factors to consider about data security when transitioning to the cloud and shares strategies that can help you ensure data integrity.

  • Data security in cloud computing: Key components
  • Cloud challenges by the numbers: Adoption and configuration
  • Hybrid cloud security
  • ROI of security investments

This edition shares recommendations for key areas CISOs should be fluent in, including vulnerability identification and risk measurement, prioritization and mitigation.

  • Congratulations, you’re a CISO! Now what?
  • The purpose of IT risk assessment
  • IT security audits: The key to success
  • Improving security through vulnerability management

This edition covers the top data security risks and ways of addressing them, including must-have elements of data security management, advanced security tools, and more.

  • The factors driving a shift to data-centric security
  • The cloud security risk for remote workers, and how to prevent it
  • Reducing risk through data security management

This edition reveals the important trends that will determine how organizations address cybersecurity challenges in 2020.

  • Data security successes and failures in 2019
  • Top IT priorities for 2020
  • Top data privacy trends, issues and concerns for 2020


This edition explores the unclouding trend, the types of content that are usually stored in the cloud and proven security strategies for protecting the data.

  • Cloud data security report — the trend to uncloud
  • What types of data organizations store in the cloud
  • Capital One data breach analysis
  • Must-have elements for your data security policy to protect customer data

This edition begins with the basics of data security and data privacy, and then covers the key strategies you need on the endless path towards securing your systems and data.

  • Data privacy vs. data security: What is the real difference?
  • Why new privacy regulations are a business enabler, not an enemy
  • One year into GDPR

This edition sheds light on the actors who threaten your data security and provides the preventive measures you can — and should — take before you suffer real damage.

  • Top human errors that impact data security
  • Five ways to simplify third-party risk management
  • How to prevent intellectual property theft by insiders
  • Who is to blame for data breaches?

This edition of Cyber Chief Magazine provides the top IT security trends that will define the way organizations address cybersecurity risks in 2019. 

  • Top IT security trends in 2019
  • Lessons learned from the 3 of world’s biggest data breaches
  • How to create an effective information security risk management program
  • And more!


This edition shares recommendations for how CISOs can identify the most business-critical security risks and better articulate benefits that executives care about.

  • How CISOs should talk to the board
  • Four questions CISOs can use to get executive buy-in
  • How to calculate return on security investment

This issue delivers a ready-to-use GDPR kit packed full of how-to’s and practical tips that companies need to implement so they don’t end up on the wrong side of an audit.

  • 5 Expert Tips to Ensure Compliance in 2018 (and Beyond)
  • GDPR Confusion: 7 Common Myths Busted
  • How to Jump-Start GDPR Risk Assessment
  • GDPR Fines: What Should You Expect?

In this issue, we’ll help you gain a deeper understanding of the insider threat problem and provide you with a set of tactics and strategies to mitigate this looming threat.

  • Top 4 IT Security Trends to Keep an Eye On
  • Top 5 Threat Actors to Put Your Business in Danger 
  • The Human Factor: Are Employees Part of the Ransomware Problem
  • Insider Threat Detection: 10 Techniques for Top-to-Bottom Defense