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We care about security of your data.
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Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) Solution
that Works for You

To secure your data, you need to secure and efficiently manage your ever-expanding digital identities. The Netwrix IGA solution helps you implement a zero-trust approach to reduce risk, increase productivity, and streamline compliance. Tailored to match organizational needs, the solution adapts as requirements mature.
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We care about security of your data.
Privacy Policy

Ensure the right users have access to the right things at the right time.

Enhance security and accountability by ensuring only the right people or machines have access to the appropriate resources at the correct time and for the intended reasons.

Understand groups and group membership
Active Directory and Entra ID groups play a vital role in authentication and authorization services. Discover exactly what groups you have and who owns each of them.
Create your identity repository
Build your repository of organizations, sites, users, and resources from different sources to become the centralized location for reliable and exhaustive information. Use connectors to populate your database with identities from your HRIS or other authoritative sources of choice and establish automatic data flows to ensure the provisioning of accounts and permissions.
Automate group membership management
Automate group membership updates based on users' attributes, ensuring accuracy and consistency across directories. Automatically reflect attribute changes in parent groups to child groups, simplifying group hierarchy management.
Automate user provisioning and de-provisioning
Automatically provision and de-provision user accounts based on data synced from authoritative sources like your HRIS, ensuring timely access provisioning and minimizing security risks and costs associated with inactive accounts.

Minimize security risks by limiting access to sensitive data

Access management often prioritizes technical user accounts over identities, sidelining valuable input from business users and burdening support. Empower business users to contribute to access management and governance, alleviating the workload of IT teams.

Enable self-service for access requests
Enable users to request access to systems, applications, and data or create temporary groups for projects and data owners to easily approve or deny those requests, all through a friendly UI.
Reduce IT workload by delegating group management to business owners
Reduce IT workload with automated workflows to allow users to request the access they need and empower resources or group owners to approve or deny those requests.
Ensure compliance with regular attestation
Implement regular attestation processes for group owners and users to review and validate their access, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and minimizing security risks associated with unnecessary access.
Certify access rights
Enable compliance verification of access rights granted based on rules in place for your organization. Access rights previously granted are collected and analyzed, which enables you to immediately identify gaps between your expectations and reality.

Enable granular policy implementation across diverse systems with customizable roles.

Implement robust policies with customizable roles in your identity management system. These roles, whether business or technical, offer granular control over capabilities and policy enforcement, while also enabling delegated control over objects from various systems.

Automate and streamline the joiners, movers, and leaver process
Efficiently manage joiners and leavers, as well as the transition of movers, ensuring seamless role adjustments and access updates to maintain security and compliance standards and elevate productivity.
Automatically define your rights allocation model with role mining
Relying on high-performance machine learning, the Netwrix IGA solution can assist administrators with its role mining function to automatically build the right roles. Role mining analyzes the current inventory of access rights to propose optimal rule sets that cover the maximum number of cases with the fewest rules, efficiently aligning with real-world scenarios.
Enforce Segregation of Duties (SoD)
Ensure compliance, mitigate risks, and safeguard against fraud with precision and efficiency by enforcing Segregation of Duties (SoD) policies, which divide tasks to prevent conflicts of interest.
Use industry-standard access control models
The Netwrix IGA solution natively supports various access control models such as RBAC (Role Based Access Control) and ABAC (Attribute Based Access Control) and provides a comprehensive role-based model that defines user rights based on their identity, job functions, and location.

Build workflows that incorporate automated, human, and auditable processes.

Empower users and their managers to request access through a self-service interface, sending requests for approval to relevant application owners or security officers. Streamline group management by allowing users to join or leave groups based on their roles, with oversight from business stakeholders.

Automate workflows
All delegated actions become part of the workflow engine. Automated approvals occur for workflow events that are meant to be unattended. The most common workflow routes are pre-deployed upon installation, allowing for coverage of the most common use cases. Workflow rules may be enhanced, added upon, or connected to ServiceNow or other external systems.
Empower users
Each user can make a request to obtain, modify, or revoke access rights or equipment for the users in their scope. Workflows enable you to push the request to the appropriate people in order to obtain approval and/or start processing the request as soon as possible.
Delegate group management
Allow users to request the access they need and empower resource or group owners to approve or deny those requests via automated workflows.
Build custom workflows
Delegate user management through scheduled workflows to attest to user active status to ensure lifecycle enforcement. Use workflows for joining, moving, and leaving processes, which can be executed either manually through the user interface or via connectors to various applications such as HR systems. Every change is meticulously logged and can be accessed for auditing purposes.
Detect changes in real-time
Detect changes in user or resource repositories automatically and trigger workflows for creating, modifying, archiving, or deleting data. This reconciliation can be done in real-time or in a programmed manner.

Thrill your auditors with automated attestation campaigns and compliance reports.

Maintain oversight of your identity governance and easily get the supporting data you need to prove compliance with an extensive set of customizable reports and an interactive requester to answer any question from an auditor.

Generate on-demand reports
Easily initialize your identity data repository and track identity data over time. Prebuilt reports give complete information about users, organizational structures, IT, and physical access rights. You can organize your own report library related to different business areas and use a Power BI interface to establish dashboards for monitoring key indicators.
Monitor and understand identities
Understand and actively monitor identities, optimizing security measures and compliance protocols for heightened organizational efficiency and risk mitigation.
Understand your security posture
Minimize risk and maintain control by understanding your security posture with the help of comprehensive reports, alert triggering, and disallowing undesirable combinations with Segregation of Duties (SoD) capabilities.
Netwrix Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) Solution
See how Netwrix IGA software helps you ensure compliance, strengthen security and enhance productivity.

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How quickly will my company start getting value?
Your company will start seeing immediate benefits upon implementation.
Our approach ensures gradual organizational benefits through a phased deployment strategy, enabling you to maximize value as the deployment progresses.
Can the solution be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment?
Yes, the solution can be flexibly deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment to meet diverse operational requirements and preferences.
Is the Netwrix IGA solution suitable for small businesses as well as large enterprises?
The Netwrix solution is designed to meet the needs of organizations of any size, regardless of where they are in their identity governance journey.
The solution can assist you at the outset by discovering and identifying identities and their misconfigurations. It also provides a means to control and manage your identities, and ultimately offers advanced identity governance capabilities for your entire set of human and non-human identities.
How does the Netwrix IGA solution ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards?
The Netwrix IGA solution is beneficial for highly regulated industries in the following ways:
· It ensures that data access is restricted to authorized individuals.
· It supports internal controls and audit requirements to ensure compliance reporting integrity.
· It ensures proper access controls and segregation of duties to prevent fraud and errors.
· It supports compliance for NIST SP 800-53 and NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) by providing a method for access control and identity management.
· It assists in meeting the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS).
· It ensures that financial institutions protect customer information through proper access controls.
· It helps in managing the auditing of access to sensitive financial data.
I'm considering One Identity Manager. How does the Netwrix IGA solution compare?
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I'm considering SailPoint. How does the Netwrix IGA solution compare?
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What support and training options are available for organizations deploying the solution?
Netwrix collaborates with leading identity governance consulting firms worldwide to ensure smooth identification, planning, and execution of your identity projects.
We are dedicated to providing quick value on your IGA journey, helping you achieve organizational efficiencies swiftly and effectively.
Our 24-hour support team is made up of identity professionals who can help diagnose and identify problems you might be having and quickly present solutions to them.