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Fortune 500 Bank Implements Netwrix Usercube for IAM Transformation

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We saw gains very quickly in the treatment of anomalies around not only incidents but also identities.

Clément Parard, Product Owner at CAGIP

  • Ensure compliance with diverse regulatory and legal constraints. One of the main challenges for CA-GIP was to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, such as the French Military Programming Law (LPM).
  • Manage access in a multi-entity environment. CA-GIP needed an effective way to control the access of users with different accounts for their multiple workstations. 
  • Reduce security risks. The CA-GIP team needed to manage authorization for the new platform adopted by Crédit Agricole Group and mitigate the risks of associated manual processes.
  • Simplify request tracking. For CA-GIP, it was crucial to finally have a single interface for managing and tracking authorization requests.
  • Streamline identity and rights auditing. To maintain the highest level of security and compliance, CA-GIP needed to efficiently audit identities and access entitlements.

We want to take full advantage of all the features, power, and modules of Netwrix Usercube in order to gain efficiency and automate as many assignments as possible.

Clément Parard, Product Owner at CAGIP

Netwrix Solution

Implementing Netwrix Usercube has enabled CA-GIP to achieve the following benefits:  

  • Centralized identity repository: Netwrix Usercube provides a central repository for identities across all user populations managed by CA-GIP. This repository provides a comprehensive view of user identities and their associated privileges, while ensuring accountability for identity management actions.
  • Easy and accurate rights management. CA-GIP now has a role-centric framework that enables privilege assignment according to a user’s job responsibilities and geographical location. Having a standard role catalog makes it simpler to manage requests and ensure that everyone has appropriate access.
  • Clear dashboards and reports. Netwrix Usercube dashboards and reports help the CA-GIP team maintain security and compliance. They were even able to continue using the PowerBI dashboards that they previously used to identify anomalous activity.
  • Seamless integrations. Netwrix Usercube integrates seamlessly with Active Directory, LDAP, RACF, TSS and other directory services, enabling efficient synchronization of user data, automated account provisioning and deprovisioning, and more. As a result, CA-GIP has been able to reduce manual effort and ensure accurate and up-to-date access management.
  • ITSM integration. Netwrix Usercube also integrates with CA-GIP’s IT service management (ITSM) tool, Service Now. This integration enables central management of access requests to facilitate efficient tracking and resolution of access-related issues.
  • Solid foundation for IAM projects. With Netwrix Usercube, CA-GIP has been able to deliver a variety of additional IAM initiatives. Examples include providing a unified management portal for business users. tailoring approval processes based on sensitivity and risk, and managing privileged access. CA-GIP is now exploring the option of adopting Netwrix Usercube as a SaaS solution.
Key Benefits
  • Centralized identity management
  • Easier and more accurate access assignment using a role-based model
  • Reduced IT workload
  • Better workflows due to easy integrations
Netwrix Applications
Customer Profile

Crédit Agricole Group Infrastructure Platform (CA-GIP) is a division of Crédit Agricole Group, a leading French banking institution. CA-GIP provides IT infrastructure services and solutions to support the digital transformation and operational needs of the Crédit Agricole Group, managing the identities and access rights of 5,000 employees while ensuring security, compliance and efficient IT operations.

Customer: Credit Agricole

Industry: Financial Services