La Mayenne Department

Government Agency Achieves Efficient User Management and Enhances Security with Netwrix Usercube

remote employees
308,000+ residents
across 261 municipalities

Netwrix Usercube met the contractual, security, and GDPR requirements, including ISO 27001 certification. It satisfied ourneeds and responded to the call for tenders.

Christophe Forgin, Director of Digital Services at Conseil Departmental de La Mayenne 

  • Simplify account management. Mayenne needed to streamline the process of managing user accounts, from user onboarding through role changes to a user’s departure from the organization.
  • Improve access control. To ensure that access is granted strictly on a need-to-know basis, the department needed deeper visibility into who has what permissions to which resources.
  • Reduce the time and effort involved in user provisioning. The agency also wanted to automate its manual process for updating access rights, in order to minimize the burden on IT staff.

Choosing a SaaS-based solution was a key for us on the operational side. It allowed us to always have the latest product version, reduce our maintenance time and benefit from the new functionality as it becomes available.

Christophe Forgin, Conseil Departmental de La Mayenne Department

Netwrix Solution

After a flash audit identified some security gaps, Mayenne began looking in earnest for an identity governance and administration (IGA) solution. Netwrix Usercube satisfied all the main requirements of improving user account management, establishing account type nomenclature and meeting compliance requirements. 

With Netwrix Usercube in place, Mayenne now enjoys the following key benefits:

  • Comprehensive user management. The Mayenne team can now easily manage the complete process of user onboarding, role changes and departures. In addition, they can keep administrator accounts separate from regular user accounts.
  • Reduced maintenance time. As a SaaS solution, Netwrix Usercube brings significant operational advantages. The software is updated automatically, reducing the maintenance time and effort required from the Mayenne team. Moreover, the agency can benefit from new features as they become available to get the most benefit out of their investment.
  • Compliance with GDPR and ISO. Netwrix Usercube enables the agency to meet contractual and GDPR requirements and pass compliance audits. And the product has earned ISO 27001 certification, which demonstrates that the agency adheres to security standards and has the necessary capabilities for handling employee identities.
Key Benefits
  • Central identity and rights management
  • Automatic updates and immediate access to new functionality
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
Netwrix Applications
Customer Profile

Conseil Departmental de La Mayenne provides public services to 308,000 residents in northwest France. Since 2016, the department has allowed its 1,570 employees across 170 professions to work remotely. 

Customer: La Mayenne Department

Industry: Government