Investment Company Enhances Resilience and Efficiency with Netwrix Usercube

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With Netwrix Usercube, we save a considerable amount of time — both in the IT team's day-to-day management and for access and rights management in general.Netwrix Usercube also detects any changes in new arrivals or rights granted somewhere else, so we can quickly get information and act upon it.

Michel Tournier, CIO at Wendel

  • Streamline identity management: The Wendel team was managing employee provisioning during onboarding, role changes and exiting using manual methods like emails and Excel spreadsheets. To minimize the risk of delays and errors, the company wanted to automate these processes.
  • Implement validation workflows: In addition, Wendel needed to enable management teams to easily review and validate access rights to IT data and systems.
  • Pass compliance audits: Wendel needed effective auditing and reporting in order to prove its compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Improve cybersecurity and cyber resilience: More broadly, Wendel sought to avoid downtime and breaches by reducing the risk from identity-based attacks.
  • Move to a SaaS model: Wendel also wanted to move toward software-as-a-service (SaaS) or hosted applications in order to reduce the costs of maintaining on-premises servers and software.

Wendel's company made substantial savings on licensed applications thanks to Netwrix Usercube, and the amount saved will certainly vary depending on the size of the company.

Michel Tournier, CIO at Wendel

Netwrix Solution

Wendel CIO Michel Tournier had successfully deployed Netwrix Usercube three times in thirteen years in different environments. That extensive experience was a key reason for choosing the solution for Wendell.

With Netwrix Usercube, Wendel has been able to achieve all of the following benefits:

  • Streamlined access management: Netwrix Usercube eliminated the need for the time-consuming and error-prone manual processes Wendel had been using for rights management. As a result, the company can promptly and accurately provision, reprovision and deprovision users so that people have access to only the data and systems they really need. As a result, the company has slashed the risk of security breaches and can enforce proper segregation of duties.
  • Enhanced cyber resilience: As a SaaS solution, Netwrix Usercube strengthens the company's cyber resilience and enhances security. In addition, Wendel has been able to free up IT resources for strategic initiatives and reduce expenses.
  • Access request and approval workflows: Netwrix Usercube provides workflows for users to request the access they need and the appropriate managers to approve or deny those requests, enhancing efficiency and productivity for both business users and IT teams.
Key Benefits
  • Simple and effective access management
  • Enhanced cyber resilience and cybersecurity
  • Accurate privilege assignment
  • Automated access request and approval workflows
Netwrix Applications
Customer Profile

Wendel is one of Europe’s leading investment firms, working at the intersection of industry and finance. A long-term investor with permanent capital, Wendel was supported for over three centuries by the Wendel family, its reference shareholder. The company is now listed on the stock exchange; the 1,200 family shareholders are consolidated in Wendel-Participations, which holds a 39.3% stake in Wendel.

Customer: Wendel

Industry: Financial Services

Website: www.wendelgroup.com