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Insurance Company Streamlines Identity Governance and Administration with Netwrix Usercube

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We were able to check all the boxes regarding the requirements of the specifications. The user-friendly interface of Netwrix Usercube was also a big factor for us.

Laurent GASCHAUD, Security Compliance and Risk Manager at Thélem Assurances  

  • Establish an authoritative identity store. Thélem Assurances had multiple sources for identity information, including HR, applications and managers. To enable effective governance, the company wanted to establish an authoritative repository with detailed information about each user, including their role, department and manager.
  • Streamline authorization reviews. Reviewing user access rights required a significant amount of time and effort. The company wanted a simple process that would make it easy to enforce least privilege.
  • Assign rights based on business roles. The company wanted to create a catalog of roles for granting rights to both users and applications.

When I presented the project to the management committee, our general manager was amazed and very interested to see that in a single application they could identify all the IT users at a glance.

Laurent GASCHAUD, Security, Compliance and Risk Manager at Thélem Assurances  

Netwrix Solution

Thélem Assurances chose Netwrix Usercube primarily for its ability to address the critical risk of unauthorized access identified by a risk mapping it conducted. Other factors included the simplicity of deployment and advanced identity governance features.

With Netwrix Usercube, the company has gained all the following benefits:

  • Streamlined user lifecycle management. Netwrix Usercube enabled Thélem Assurances to create an authoritative identity repository, thereby eliminating the issues and risks inherent in their previous system of multiple identifiers with no structured hierarchy. Moreover, responsibility for identity governance is strictly controlled based on an approved assignment matrix.
  • Accurate, role-based access control. Netwrix Usercube provides a role-oriented framework that enabled the company to grant access rights to users according to their roles and location. This helps ensure accurate enforcement of the least privilege principle for strong security and regulatory compliance. They have also strengthened access control for multiple applications, and plan to extend it to more applications soon.
  • Fast and easy authorization reviews. Thélem Assurances has also been able to streamline the process for access review and certification, reducing the time and effort required from both IT teams and business managers.
Key Benefits
  • Easy deployment
  • Accurate rights assignment based on roles
  • Quick and easy review of access rights
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Customer Profile

Thélem Assurances is a leading mutual insurance company in France with a nearly 200-year history. The company offers its services via both digital and physical distribution channels, including 270 branches in 50 departments and more than 300 partner brokers covering almost the entire country. The company attributes its longevity to its ability to constantly adapt and reinvent itself. 

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