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Netwrix Auditor helps thousands of organizations around the world achieve complete visibility in their IT environments. But don't just take our word for it. Learn about companies just like yours by reading the success stories they have shared with us and the rest of the IT community. Still in doubt? Review all the awards we've received over the years and see what leading IT analyst firms are saying about Netwrix Auditor.

Instead of hopping around 130 different servers, looking at logs and trying to figure out who made what change that caused an issue, I receive the answer right away in Netwrix Auditor. The platform saves me at least six hours per week. That is priceless.
Dominick Napodano
Systems and Network Administrator, The Kirlin Group
Netwrix Auditor allowed us to gain a better view of what is going on in our constantly growing IT infrastructure. With insights into who did what, when and where, we can quickly detect and investigate activity that may disrupt the business. This also enabled us to increase accountability within the department. Finally, Netwrix Auditor is great at the operational side of things – it saves the company hundreds of hours a year on resolving user issues.
Jon G. Bolland II
Systems and Network Administrator, LeChase Construction
Quaero provides companies with a cloud solution to manage and analyze their consumer data for marketing purposes. We store a tremendous amount of personal information about our clients’ customers and security of this data is fundamental to us. If we were to have a security breach of this type information we would lose customers, fail our SOC 2 audit and the business would be severely impacted. With Netwrix Auditor, we gained centralized control over what everyone is doing in the network. We especially like that we can easily monitor user activity across file shares, such as access events, creation and deletion of folders and files, to make sure all data is safe. Additionally, now we pass audits faster than ever. Netwrix Auditor slashed the time we used to spend on audit preparations by over 60%, which allows us to focus on other issues and opportunities.
Don Thompson
Data Center Engineer, Quaero
As an accounting firm, Berdon stores a considerable amount of sensitive data, such as social security and tax ID numbers, and we need to ensure the safety of this information. Netwrix Auditor became a “Big Brother” for us that allowed our IT team to easily monitor activity across Active Directory and file servers to make sure that only the right people access sensitive files. The software puts all the events into readable format and now we can see accounts with most logon activity, who fails to login and why, who accesses what information, and so on. This information helps us to detect a hack in time.
David Pikelny
Senior Network Manager, Berdon LLP
Cloud Excellence Awards
2017 Cloud Excellence Awards: Netwrix Auditor has been selected as a finalist in the Most Innovative Cloud Product or Service category.
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Brandon Lee, VirtualizationHowTo: Netwrix Auditor for VMware is extremely powerful to quickly and easily see changes in VMware vSphere environment.
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SC Awards Europe
SC Awards Europe: Netwrix Auditor has been highly commended in Best Risk Management/Regulatory Compliance solution category.
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Netwrix Auditor was mentioned in "On the Radar: Netwrix combats ransomware and malicious insiders with Netwrix Auditor 9.0" by Rik Turner in July 2017.
Netwrix Auditor was mentioned as a representative vendor product in “IDC's Worldwide Data Services for Hybrid Cloud Taxonomy, 2017” by Phil Goodwin, Ritu Jyoti, Laura DuBois, Dan Vesset, Sean Pike in June 2017.
Netwrix was mentioned as a sample vendor in “Hype Cycle for Governance, Risk and Compliance Technologies” by John A. Wheeler in July 2015.
Netwrix Auditor was mentioned in "On the Radar: Netwrix Auditor provides visibility and governance" by Rik Turner in November 2016.