Customer Testimonials

Nothing is more important to us than our customers. We’ve already helped more than 8,000 organizations achieve complete visibility in their IT environments. Now they are able to spot data security threats early, pass compliance audits with less effort and expense, and increase the efficiency of their IT departments. See what these IT folks just like you have to say.

I use Netwrix Auditor for File Servers and for Active Directory. When “mystery” users delete folders or files, it has been an invaluable tool in ferreting out the “whodunit”. With multiple individuals able to make changes to AD elements, it is so very important to track those changes and know who made them. It helps to keep my environment stable and running smooth. I rely on Netwrix Auditor nearly every day.

Dave Denoy

Associate IT, Veneklasen Associates

Before Netwrix Auditor, preparation for each audit would take more than 2 weeks, now we need only about 3-4 days. With it, we meet and exceed compliance and auditing requirements. Ever since we deployed Netwrix Auditor, we have been receiving only the highest rankings from our OCC auditors. Netwrix Auditor has been playing a strategic role for our business to move forward.

Trevor Doyle

Vice President of Information Technology , Midwest Bank

Netwrix Auditor lets us see our Active Directory changes and get notifications when user and computer accounts are changed, added, removed, etc. This has helped us find a security hack at one point even! Due to the instant email alerts, we were able to rectify the problem immediately! This central console software solution has helped us on many occasions and gives us a great peace of mind on our security and accounts.

Erik Tank

Network Administrator, East Moline School District 37

Netwrix Auditor has been a key component for our security compliance helping with monitoring and reporting on our systems and it has been very beneficial during security audits. The reporting capabilities has proven to be a real time saver over the process we had in the past – we save about 2-3 days of work on preparation for each audit.

Jeff Williams

Systems Integration Branch Chief, National Weather Service

We use Netwrix Auditor for File Server and Active Directory auditing. It has allowed us to keep an eye on the “who, what, where” of any changes made in our environment and cut down on time spent investigating these changes significantly. It has been saving us about 6 hours per week on the routine work. I like the easy-to-use interface for reporting as well as the automatically generated email updates and alerts. It does the best job keeping our systems secure for the best price.

Shawn Hoy

Server Administrator, The Gazette Company

We deployed Netwrix Auditor to replace a very expensive “big name” competing product used to monitor system changes. Usually when I make a move like this I expect to lose some capabilities, but with Netwrix I increased my visibility significantly. I was able to achieve my security objectives with greater environment coverage, increased granularity, and for less money. Netwrix proves you don’t have to buy the traditional market leader products to get a reliable enterprise solution with top notch support.

Stephen Melcher

IT Security Manager, Accretive Health

Imagine that you accidentally deleted the wrong user container. You only wanted to delete your test accounts, but now all the users in your Active Directory are gone. You can either look for a new job, or just restore them with Netwrix Auditor.

Michael Pietroforte

The main focus for us was ensuring security on file servers, especially the ones containing sensitive police data. To ensure the chain of custody, sometimes we must prove that the files were not modified. Doing that with native tools was really difficult, because we had to go through several event logs manually, which made finding required information a complicated task. Netwrix Auditor for Windows File Servers really helped us. It simplifies the research like no other tool does. I can create a report that will tell the exact history of a certain file in seconds. In the past, this would have taken me hours of research. We are really satisfied with Netwrix Auditor for Windows File Servers and we will continue to implement its solutions in the near future, exploring all capabilities that this product can provide us.

Jonathan Lemieux

Assistant chief of Information technology division, City of Repentigny

With granular control over Active Directory changes provided by Netwrix Auditor, now we can make sure that nobody is giving any privileges that weren’t meant to be given, and no one is making changes that can potentially compromise our IT infrastructure.

Jeff Gardea

Systems Administrator, Soka University of America

Netwrix Auditor not only gives us the ability to detect the changes made in Active Directory; it helps us get a clear picture of who is doing what, so we can change the practices used by outsourced IT services providers. Netwrix Auditor saves us 50 hours of hard work, huge amount of effort and allows us to streamline internal processes.

Nick Pettingell

IT Infrastructure Specialist, Costain

After deploying Netwrix Auditor, we felt even more comfortable with our decision. Netwrix Auditor looks polished, works very fast and is super-rich in its features. The recent upgrade has Interactive Search, which simplifies our daily routine by instantly finding necessary audit data. Netwrix Auditor is so convenient and user-friendly that it didn’t take much time or many resources to integrate it into our IT workflow.

Ivan Kovač

Information Security Coordinator, HBOR

We use Netwrix Auditor to audit every system of our infrastructure. Previously, I had used five separate solutions of other vendors for monitoring Active Directory, MS Exchange, logs and firewall log analyzers. I have replaced all of those with Netwrix Auditor. Netwrix Auditor made it extremely easy to get through the audits. Now we are able to prepare for the audits in a few days not weeks and prove that we have control of our IT environment.

Andrew Ledford

Chief Information Officer, BankCard Central

We wanted to see what was happening in our IT infrastructure in one central location, without having to go through multiple different steps. Netwrix Auditor provides a single point of access and actionable information on the IT changes. Thanks to it, we have become proactive and more efficient in our everyday work, we have enabled continuous user access to the IT systems and with that have been able to provide better user experience.

Maria Fleischmann

Technology Coordinator, Miles & Stockbridge

Before we started using Netwrix Auditor, preparing for the audit was not only a long-painful task, it was also rather expensive. Netwrix suits us because it is simple and efficient. It also keeps our compliance costs down while making it easier to follow strict federal and industry regulations. Netwrix Auditor saves us about 8 hours on preparing for the audit, and approximately 4 hours weekly on gathering audit data as reference for future audits.

Benjamin Shumaker

Network Information Security Officer / NISO, Credit Union of Denver