Customer Testimonials

Nothing is more important to us than our customers. We’ve already helped more than 8,000 organizations achieve complete visibility in their IT environments. Now they are able to spot data security threats early, pass compliance audits with less effort and expense, and increase the efficiency of their IT departments. See what these IT folks just like you have to say.

Quaero provides companies with a cloud solution to manage and analyze their consumer data for marketing purposes. We store a tremendous amount of personal information about our clients’ customers and security of this data is fundamental to us. If we were to have a security breach of this type information we would lose customers, fail our SOC 2 audit and the business would be severely impacted. With Netwrix Auditor, we gained centralized control over what everyone is doing in the network. We especially like that we can easily monitor user activity across file shares, such as access events, creation and deletion of folders and files, to make sure all data is safe. Additionally, now we pass audits faster than ever. Netwrix Auditor slashed the time we used to spend on audit preparations by over 60%, which allows us to focus on other issues and opportunities.

Don Thompson

Data Center Engineer, Quaero

As an accounting firm, Berdon stores a considerable amount of sensitive data, such as social security and tax ID numbers, and we need to ensure the safety of this information. Netwrix Auditor became a “Big Brother” for us that allowed our IT team to easily monitor activity across Active Directory and file servers to make sure that only the right people access sensitive files. The software puts all the events into readable format and now we can see accounts with most logon activity, who fails to login and why, who accesses what information, and so on. This information helps us to detect a hack in time.

David Pikelny

Senior Network Manager, Berdon LLP

We use Netwrix Auditor to make sure that our environment is not sabotaged. We are always aware of what has been done and who did it. We know that appropriate controls are in place and no one has more access and power than they need. If not for Netwrix Auditor, we would not be able to quickly catch and investigate incorrect and suspicious activity before it becomes an issue.

Ryan Westover

System Administrator, Ellucian

We were seeing strange login attempts to our servers, and were able to lock them down thanks to Netwrix Auditor.

Rodney Greene

Network Systems Engineer, Glen Raven, Inc.

We work for three school districts, and we have a huge shared folder with thousands of files, many of which contain PII of students and employees. It is our major goal to protect them both, from insider misuse and from hackers who could use the data to steal somebody’s identity. Netwrix Auditor empowers us with the knowledge of what is happening in our shared folder, who deletes, modifies or reads files. It makes the routine security work so much easier for our small IT team. The software also has helped us greatly to tune permissions and maintain them according to our security policies. My boss and I are very happy with the results we get with Netwrix Auditor.

Ryan Fischer

Computer Network Specialist, Colton-Redlands-Yucaipa Regional Occupational Program

The banking industry is one of the most regulated industries in terms of security. We have to comply with many regulations, such as GLBA, PCI and HIPAA. Since we implemented Netwrix Auditor, it has become much easier to prepare for our compliance audits. Putting specific data together used to take hours, and now we pull reports in just 10-15 minutes. Netwrix Auditor provides the reports we need to cover the many areas that the auditors are usually interested in, which improves the overall impression about our bank.

CJ Daniels

Systems Administrator, MyBank, New Mexico

Netwrix Auditor was recommended to us by our auditors. Once we tried it, everything fit. It has not only the controls required by regulatory standards, but also the controls for more efficient IT infrastructure management that we wanted to have for our own needs. That was something we had a hard time finding. Basically, with Netwrix Auditor we went from 0% visibility to 100% visibility, and this has helped our compliance a lot. Audits have never been this easy.

Eric Nygard

Information Security Officer, The Milford National Bank and Trust Company

We don’t like vendors; we like partnerships. Netwrix has virtually become part of our staff. With Netwrix Auditor, our IT team gets back valuable time, which makes our organization more efficient in accomplishing our goals for the county.

John Adams

IT Director, Washington County, Arkansas

I use Netwrix Auditor for File Servers and for Active Directory. When “mystery” users delete folders or files, it has been an invaluable tool in ferreting out the “whodunit”. With multiple individuals able to make changes to AD elements, it is so very important to track those changes and know who made them. It helps to keep my environment stable and running smooth. I rely on Netwrix Auditor nearly every day.

Dave Denoy

Associate IT, Veneklasen Associates

Before Netwrix Auditor, preparation for each audit would take more than 2 weeks, now we need only about 3-4 days. With it, we meet and exceed compliance and auditing requirements. Ever since we deployed Netwrix Auditor, we have been receiving only the highest rankings from our OCC auditors. Netwrix Auditor has been playing a strategic role for our business to move forward.

Trevor Doyle

Vice President of Information Technology , Midwest Bank

Netwrix Auditor lets us see our Active Directory changes and get notifications when user and computer accounts are changed, added, removed, etc. This has helped us find a security hack at one point even! Due to the instant email alerts, we were able to rectify the problem immediately! This central console software solution has helped us on many occasions and gives us a great peace of mind on our security and accounts.

Erik Tank

Network Administrator, East Moline School District 37

Netwrix Auditor has been a key component for our security compliance helping with monitoring and reporting on our systems and it has been very beneficial during security audits. The reporting capabilities has proven to be a real time saver over the process we had in the past – we save about 2-3 days of work on preparation for each audit.

Jeff Williams

Systems Integration Branch Chief, National Weather Service

We use Netwrix Auditor for File Server and Active Directory auditing. It has allowed us to keep an eye on the “who, what, where” of any changes made in our environment and cut down on time spent investigating these changes significantly. It has been saving us about 6 hours per week on the routine work. I like the easy-to-use interface for reporting as well as the automatically generated email updates and alerts. It does the best job keeping our systems secure for the best price.

Shawn Hoy

Server Administrator, The Gazette Company

We deployed Netwrix Auditor to replace a very expensive “big name” competing product used to monitor system changes. Usually when I make a move like this I expect to lose some capabilities, but with Netwrix I increased my visibility significantly. I was able to achieve my security objectives with greater environment coverage, increased granularity, and for less money. Netwrix proves you don’t have to buy the traditional market leader products to get a reliable enterprise solution with top notch support.

Stephen Melcher

IT Security Manager, Accretive Health