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Credissimo Complies with GDPR and Spends 85% Less Time on Audits

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Loans granted to date
85% faster
Audit report generation

Netwrix Auditor has been extremely helpful for me. We recommend Netwrix Auditor to anyone who needs to control activities across the network in a 24/7 fashion. If I need to investigate an incident, I do it in a few clicks, whereas before it would take hours to dig through logs.

Boytcho Boytchev, Information Security Officer, Credissimo EAD

  • Secure financial and personal data of employees and customers.
  • Pass annual financial audits and confirm compliance with GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001.

Netwrix Auditor’s reports facilitate the process of representing the IT related area in the annual financial audits. The audit company now receives the required information in a transparent and organized way. In addition, I recommend Netwrix Auditor as a very cost-effective solution.

Ivelin Kamburov, Group CFO and Member of the Board of Directors, Credissimo EAD

Netwrix Solution

Boytcho opted for Netwrix Auditor because it is cost-effective and user-friendly. It has invaluable features for compliance, such as predefined reports and user activity monitoring.

  • Visibility across file servers. Boytcho monitors changes and activities across all servers where sensitive data resides and promptly responds to file deletions, bulk copy operations and other anomalous events. Reports on user permissions enable him to right-size access rights to avoid data overexposure.
  • Continuous compliance. Thanks to out-of-the-box compliance reports mapped to ISO/IEC 27001 controls, Boytcho prepares for audits with less effort. It now takes him just one day — instead of a week — to generate reports on security controls. When the GDPR came into effect, Credissimo hired a data protection officer (DPO), and Boytcho uses Netwrix Auditor to provide him with daily activity reports on changes to security group memberships and logons outside business hours. Also, Boytcho uses the Interactive Search to retrieve specific information whenever the DPO has additional questions.
  • Control over admin activity. Daily reports on changes across Active Directory and Group Policy and alerts on most critical ones (e.g. changes to the Domain Admins group) enable Boytcho to increase the accountability of system administrators. He spots potential issues and takes prompt action to avoid outages and service interruptions.
Key Benefits
  • Continuous compliance with GDPR and smooth financial audits
  • Security of business-critical data
  • Better user accountability
Customer Profile

Credissimo EAD (Credissimo) is a leading European FinTech Group founded in 2007 and by far one of the most dynamically developing FinTech structures in the non-banking financial sector, providing technology driven digital consumer finance services to individuals and currently operates across several European and Latin American markets. Its innovative proprietary technology combined with superior customer service enables the company to deliver unmatched efficiencies and state-of-the-art consumer finance solutions. Credissimo constantly strives to push the technological boundaries to their limits in order to be at the innovation frontier of the FinTech industry.

Customer: Credissimo EAD

Industry: Financial Services