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CoastHills Credit Union Secures Customer Data and Saves 10 Hours on Auditing

10 hours
Saved monthly on auditing

Netwrix Auditor is a great software that enables us to secure and ensure confidentiality of customer data and manage the IT infrastructure more efficiently. As the IT group, we know that everything is secure and should there be any question or if anything arises — not only we will be alerted to it, but we will also be able to find out what exactly changed or where the breach came from.

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  • Keep member information secure and confidential.
  • Gain the ability to quickly spot and investigate security violations.
  • Meet NCUA requirements for regular auditing of the IT environment.

As the IT group, we know that everything is secure and should there be any question or anything arises — we will receive an alert and find out what happened or where the breach came from in a timely manner.

Jeff Wilbert, Assistant IT Manager, 

CoastHills Credit Union 

Netwrix Solution
  • Keep customer data secure. With Netwrix Auditor, Jeff Wilbert, Assistant IT Manager, and the rest of his team can monitor activity around sensitive data. Thus, they are able to spot potential security violations and keep that information secure and confidential. Beyond that, now they can maintain the accessibility of that data for their members.
  • Avoid compliance failure. Regular reports delivered by Netwrix Auditor enable Jeff's team timely find violations of the NCUA requirements and cure them accordingly.
  • Save valuable time. In a month, the IT team saves at least 10 hours on regular auditing procedures. Moreover, if they had an actual security violation on their network, they are convinced that they would be saving far more than that. "This is because Netwrix Auditor allows us to find the root of the issue a lot quicker. And that time is very crucial to us," Jeff noted.
Key Benefits
  • Improved security of customer data
  • Ensured NCUA compliance
  • Optimized IT workload
Customer Profile

CoastHills currently serves more than 66,000 members in Northern Santa Barbara County and San Luis Obispo County with 12 branches and a full-service local call center. With assets of more than $1 billion, CoastHills is the second largest independently owned financial institution on the Central Coast.

Customer: CoastHills Credit Union

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