Peoples Savings and Loan Company

Peoples Savings and Loan Company Keeps Customers’ PII Safe and Easily Passes Government Audits

30 minutes
Required to check security posture daily
1 console
To monitor all systems

Now it takes mere minutes to go through the reports to see if security policies are being followed on a daily basis and if anything requires my attention. Exams and audits go very smoothly. I can provide any required audit data and prove that information security controls have been in place at all times. It’s an easy-to-use solution that enormously simplifies security and compliance tasks.

Bryan Baynes, Network Administrator, Peoples Savings and Loan Company

  • Secure sensitive data, such as PII and information about loans, credit history, account transactions, etc.
  • Establish thorough monitoring of the IT network to ensure compliance with government standards.
  • Optimize annual internal audits and external audits running every 18 months.

With Netwrix Auditor, all I had to do to pass the government exams last time, was to print out each of my daily email notifications and they clearly show what controls we have and what is monitored every day. Our examiner was happy with our monitoring processes. 

Bryan Baynes, Network Administrator, 

Peoples Savings and Loan Company

Netwrix Solution

Bryan evaluated a number of solutions, but opted for Netwrix Auditor, since he was impressed how easy it was to receive and read reports in the software and enjoyed having a single console for all audited systems.


  • Visibility into user behavior and data access. Visibility into what is happening in the IT network enables Bryan to quickly follow up on suspicious activity, such as manipulation of files during non-business hours or a lot of traffic coming from a certain user (which can be a sign of ransomware). The software also helps him spot security gaps and prevent data overexposure.
  • Control over privileged users. One of Bryan’s favorite features is user activity video recording. It allows him to video record any user activity that deviates from the norm. If users go to the control panels, change settings, launch the command prompt, or a program that they do not typically run, he records that. He also records vendors’ activity when they are accessing the systems for maintenance reasons.
  • Streamlined audit checks. State and government exams and audits have become nearly effortless after the software deployment. With Netwrix Auditor, now Bryan’s team only has to print out each of their daily email notifications that clearly demonstrate that they have all controls in place.
Key Benefits
  • Enabled strong data access control
  • Minimized risk of insider threats
  • Simplified passing compliance audits
Customer Profile

Peoples Savings and Loan Company has been helping the community of Crawford County, Ohio, U.S., by providing financial services since 1888. It specializes in the purchase, construction, refinance, and remodeling of homes, as well as vehicle loans and refinancing, and provides a full range of deposit accounts. Peoples Savings and Loan Company is locally-owned and excellent customer service is its top priority. 

Customer: Peoples Savings and Loan Company

Industry: Financial Services