Why Netwrix Strongpoint is a 'tremendous tool' for this publicly traded cyber resilience company running Salesforce and NetSuite

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We’re able to rely on Netwrix Strongpoint to say, ‘Hey, look, this changed on such-and-such a date.’ It really is that final arbiter for us.

Matthew McVey, Salesforce Tech Analyst Team Lead at Mimecast

  • Evolving Audit Requirements and Compliance Complexity: As a company using Salesforce for CRM and NetSuite for ERP, Mimecast had to navigate changing audit requirements. The auditors' concerns about their CPQ system and Advanced Approvals package, which integrate with NetSuite and could impact their financials, underscored the need for better compliance monitoring, a task that was growing more complicated each year.
  • Managing Complex CRM Systems and Ensuring Audit Readiness: Mimecast's use of a complex CRM system with significant development activity across multiple environments presented challenges in managing this activity efficiently. They needed a way to track changes, particularly to custom Objects and revenue related CPQ data, to ensure readiness for audits and to prevent any compliance or security issues.
  • Dealing with Development Overlaps and System Troubleshooting: Mimecast frequently encountered situations where development activities by different teams or external vendors overlapped, leading to errors or system breakdowns. This was exemplified by an incident where a change made by an external vendor conflicted with a developer’s update, causing significant issues. Efficient troubleshooting and greater visibility into these activities were needed to prevent such occurrences.

I remember seeing Netwrix Strongpoint initially in NetSuite and I was super excited. There are things that Salesforce doesn’t tell us that I can get out of Netwrix Strongpoint.

Matthew McVey, Salesforce Tech Analyst Team Lead at Mimecast

Netwrix Solution

Mimecast runs a complex Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with a lot of development activity occurring across multiple environments. Much of the work of managing this activity is handled by Gearset and Jira. And with Netwrix Strongpoint's tools in the mix, they had an extra layer of efficiency.

Netwrix Strongpoint was able to give them the big-picture visibility into what was happening in the organization — logging all changes to custom objects and revenue-related CPQ (configure, price, quote) data; and flagging anything that might become an issue during audit.


Comprehensive Compliance Monitoring and Adaptation to Audit Changes: Netwrix Strongpoint addressed the challenge of changing audit requirements and the growing complexity of compliance in Mimecast's use of Salesforce and NetSuite. This was particularly crucial given the auditors' focus on Mimecast’s CPQ system and Advanced Approvals package, which had potential financial implications. Netwrix Strongpoint provided an advanced compliance monitoring system, enabling Mimecast to keep pace with these changes. The solution offered not just routine compliance checks but also a strategic overview, allowing Mimecast to adapt their systems proactively to meet evolving audit standards, thereby reducing the risk of compliance issues.


Extensive Change Management and Audit Preparedness in CRM Systems: Managing a complex CRM system with active development across various environments was a significant challenge for Mimecast. Netwrix's solution enabled comprehensive tracking of all changes, especially those involving custom objects and critical CPQ data. This tracking extended beyond logging of changes; it included detailed analysis and reporting functionalities that ensured Mimecast could always maintain audit readiness. The system helped in preemptively identifying potential compliance or security issues, thereby facilitating a more robust and secure environment for Mimecast's operations.


Conflict Resolution and Enhanced Development Process Oversight: The frequent overlap of development activities and the resulting system errors posed a significant challenge for Mimecast. Netwrix Strongpoint brought greater visibility and control into these overlapping development processes. By providing a clear overview of all ongoing development activities, including those done by external vendors, Netwrix Strongpoint allowed Mimecast to preemptively identify and resolve potential conflicts. This capability not only reduced the incidence of errors and system breakdowns but also enhanced the overall efficiency of the development process, ensuring smoother and more reliable updates and modifications to their systems. This level of oversight was critical in maintaining system integrity and operational continuity for Mimecast.

Key Benefits

Seamless troubleshooting

Efficient audit preparation

Configure, Price, Quote System Transparency

Reduced downtime

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