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Medical Device Manufacturer Handles Organizational Complexity and Maintains Compliance with Netwrix Strongpoint

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I think one of my favorite things is the way that it tracks everything. I know exactly when somebody deleted something out of the system. I can find out why, and who, and should they have — or not have. Just the fact that I can look at the logs and see who has done what.

Rand Aksamit, Business Analyst at Tactile Medical

  • Complex Operations and Regulatory Compliance. Tactile Medical’s dual role as a manufacturer and distributor of medical devices introduces significant operational complexities. Managing these alongside the stringent regulatory compliance demands of being a publicly traded company compounds the challenge. They needed a robust system to streamline these aspects without compromising compliance or operational efficiency.
  • New to Advanced ERP System. Having recently adopted NetSuite, Tactile Medical was managing a powerful yet unfamiliar ERP system. This newness presented a unique situation where they had less technical debt but lacked experience and optimized processes to fully leverage NetSuite’s capabilities.
  • Effective Change Management Needs. The move to NetSuite underscored the importance of rigorous change management to avoid disruptions. Tactile Medical sought a solution that could offer clear visibility and control over changes within its ERP system to maintain governance and compliance.
  • Streamlining Audit Processes and Troubleshooting. The company required tools that could not only simplify the audit process but also enhance the discovery and troubleshooting of issues. This was critical to maintain the integrity and performance of their ERP system, ensuring that audits were less burdensome and more effective.

That’s a huge indicator of the power of the system.

Rand Aksamit, Business Analyst at Tactile Medical

Netwrix Solution

Tactile Medical, an established company with complex compliance needs, was new to NetSuite. Netwrix Strongpoint's goal was to provide them with tools to streamline their processes, simplify audits, and facilitate problem-solving.

  • Integration of Change Management System. Netwrix Strongpoint's integration with ServiceNow provided Tactile Medical with a robust change management system that logs all development activity. This system ensures every action is recorded in an immutable log, which is crucial for compliance and tracking changes within the NetSuite environment.
  • 'What Changed' Reports for Enhanced Visibility. To aid in troubleshooting and ensure audit readiness, Strongpoint implemented the 'What Changed' report feature. This tool details every change within the system over a specified period, dramatically improving the speed and efficiency of identifying and resolving issues compared to the manual searching of NetSuite system notes.
  • Simplified Audit Processes and Troubleshooting. Netwrix Strongpoint helped Tactile Medical simplify complex auditing requirements by automating and streamlining audit processes. This solution speeds up the audit process and reduces the potential for errors and omissions in reporting.
  • Support for Scale and Compliance through Advanced Tools. As Tactile Medical’s reliance on NetSuite grew, Netwrix Strongpoint provided tools for saved search cleanup and user role management, which are crucial for maintaining a streamlined account. Additionally, automation of compliance-related tasks through Agent Controls and Segregation of Duties (SoD) modules helped ensure ongoing regulatory compliance without adding to the workload.
Key Benefits
  • Saving time on tracking changes
  • Streamlined compliance with approval policies
  • Efficient troubleshooting
  • Improved control over complex processes
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Customer Profile

Tactile Medical is one of the fastest growing companies in medical devices. As a leader in treatment options for lymphedema and venous ulcer therapies, Tactile Medical develops advanced home therapy devices to improve health and quality of life for patients with chronic swelling. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the company advocates for patient access and serves tens of thousands of patients through a direct national network of product specialists and trainers, reimbursement experts, patient advocates, and clinical staff.

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