The largest tech IPO in years gets SOX-compliant in just 30 days using Netwrix Strongpoint

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You always go to the leader of the marketplace, and Strongpoint is the leader in this space. It’s a key tool that every NetSuite manager should have on hand.

Dave Witty, Director of Financial Systems at ZoomInfo

  • Rapid Growth and Complexity. As one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies, ZoomInfo's rapid expansion from $90 million to over $500 million in annual sales within two years put immense pressure on its financial systems. This growth made it difficult to implement best practices around ITGC change control, leading to convoluted processes.
  • Pre-IPO SOX Compliance Pressure. With an impending IPO, ZoomInfo faced the critical need to establish SOX compliance swiftly. The traditional methods and tools were inadequate for the scale and speed required, prompting the need for a more robust and efficient system to handle compliance and audits.
  • Inefficient Change Management. Prior to implementing Netwrix Strongpoint, ZoomInfo struggled with manual and reactive change management processes that were not only stressful but also prone to errors and inefficiencies. These processes were not sufficient to meet the stringent requirements expected from a company nearing a public offering.
  • Need for Automation and Enhanced Control. The existing system did not provide the necessary automation for change control, leading to a lack of real-time tracking and management of changes. This resulted in a system that was vulnerable to compliance issues and operational risks.

Our SOX audit team said we had the best controls for an organization pre-IPO that they had ever seen.

Dave Witty, Director of Financial Systems at ZoomInfo

Netwrix Solution

As ZoomInfo rapidly expanded and approached a major tech IPO, the company faced significant challenges in managing compliance and ensuring audit readiness. With a lean NetSuite team and complex systems, ZoomInfo needed a powerful tool to streamline change management and maintain stringent SOX compliance efficiently.

  • Comprehensive Compliance Tools. Netwrix Strongpoint provided a full suite of tools for segregation of duties, change control, ITGC controls, and security. This comprehensive approach ensured that all aspects of compliance were addressed, making ZoomInfo's systems robust and secure ahead of their IPO.
  • Automated Change Control. To handle the complexities brought about by rapid growth and previous convoluted processes, Netwrix Strongpoint automated ZoomInfo’s change control processes. This automation included continuous audit functionality that checked every change against established policies, ensuring nothing inappropriate passed through unnoticed. This level of automation was crucial in maintaining control over the system's integrity.
  • Audit-Ready Documentation. Netwrix Strongpoint’s system ensured that all processes were captured in audit-ready logs, which proved essential during audits. This functionality provided a clear, traceable record of compliance across ZoomInfo’s financial systems, making it easier to demonstrate compliance to auditors and reduce the time spent on audit preparation.
  • Rapid Deployment and Immediate Results. Despite the usual challenges associated with setting up compliance systems, Netwrix Strongpoint enabled ZoomInfo to become a SOX-compliant organization with full control over its environment within a month. This quick and effective setup was pivotal given the tight timelines associated with their impending IPO.
  • Ongoing Visibility and Control. Beyond initial compliance, Netwrix Strongpoint offers ongoing management benefits. Dave, the director of financial Systems of Zoominfo highlighted the complete visibility and control Netwrix Strongpoint provides, which ensures that he can continuously monitor the system’s status. This ongoing oversight is vital for a rapidly evolving company like ZoomInfo, ensuring the system remains secure and compliant as the business grows and changes.
Key Benefits
  • Complete system visibility and control
  • Safer environment
  • SOX compliance in 30 days
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ZoomInfo (NASDAQ: ZI) is the premier platform for go-to-market strategies, assisting companies in discovering, securing, and expanding their customer base.

Providing precise, real-time data, insights, and technology to over 35,000 global companies, ZoomInfo enhances operational efficiencies, synchronizes sales and marketing efforts, and streamlines technology infrastructures. The company is a recognized authority in data privacy, adhering to stringent GDPR and CCPA regulations and holding multiple data security and privacy certifications.

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