Publicly traded CPaaS company streamlines audit-ready reporting with less stress using Netwrix Strongpoint

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Netwrix Strongpoint saves us a lot of time and anxiety... there have been no surprises.

Shawn Blackburn, Director of Financial Systems at Bandwidth

  • Rapid Growth and System Complexity: Bandwidth experienced significant growth, which led to increased complexity in their ERP systems. This complexity required enhanced change management to ensure that system evolutions did not compromise their operational integrity or regulatory compliance.
  • Need for SOX Compliance: As a publicly traded company, Bandwidth had to meet strict Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance requirements. They needed a reliable way to manage and document changes within their NetSuite account to remain audit-ready at all times.
  • Audit-Readiness Concerns: The need to produce audit-ready reports and maintain control over changes was crucial. Bandwidth required a system that could help them monitor and review any changes that could potentially raise issues during audits.
  • Improving Change Management Processes: Prior to implementing Netwrix Strongpoint, managing change requests was challenging, often leading to issues when changes were pushed into production. Bandwidth needed a way to manage these requests more efficiently and with greater confidence to reduce the risk of errors.
  • Communication and Notification Efficiency: Bandwidth sought to improve the communication flow between IT and finance departments. They needed instant notifications and better communication tools to avoid the extensive time spent on discovering and discussing changes manually.

It's been a great tool... it really helps to have those checks and balances, saves us a lot of time and anxiety.

Shawn Blackburn, Director of Financial Systems at Bandwidth

Netwrix Solution

Bandwidth recognized the need to evolve its ERP systems quickly to keep pace with its expansion while ensuring regulatory compliance and system security.  Netwrix Strongpoint offered the ideal blend of automation, compliance support, and system control to meet these needs effectively.

  • Streamlined Change Management. Netwrix Strongpoint helped Bandwidth manage the growing complexity of their NetSuite account by automating the change management process. This ensured that changes were made swiftly and accurately, reducing the risk of errors that could disrupt operations.
  • Enhanced SOX Compliance. Netwrix Strongpoint proved invaluable for Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance by automating compliance checks and documentation. This feature helped Bandwidth ensure that all changes within their ERP system were compliant, audit-ready, and aligned with SOX requirements.
  • Audit Readiness. With features like noncompliant change reports and regular standup meetings facilitated by Netwrix Strongpoint, Bandwidth could proactively address any issues that might arise during audits. This preemptive approach helped maintain segregation of duties and ensured continuous compliance.
  • Improved Communication. The implementation of Netwrix Strongpoint's Agent, which sends instant email notifications, significantly improved the communication between the IT and finance departments. This improvement helped avoid the lengthy process of manual discovery and ensured that all parties were promptly informed about changes.
  • Custom Policies for Better Control. Netwrix Strongpoint enabled Bandwidth to implement custom policies that instantly differentiate routine administrative changes from those that could impact critical workflows or scripts. This level of control prevented unintended disruptions and enhanced overall system integrity.
Key Benefits
  • Increased compliance assurance
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Enhanced troubleshooting and problem resolution
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Bandwidth is a comprehensive communications platform that makes it easy for businesses to provide integrated global experiences. It’s adaptable and designed to seamlessly integrate with the entire communications setup. 

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